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How Can I Recover Hacked or Compromised Account?

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These days, privacy is the topmost concern, and data is getting more vulnerable. However, in some cases, users find that their account is hacked or compromised. If you are having the same issue, then you can run the recovery process. 

What are some Hacked account recovery tips?

There are several ways to recover and manage the hacked outlook account. 

1. Change the Outlook password 

If your account got hacked, then you should go with the change password option. 

  • First, go to the sign-in page of Outlook 
  • Next, go to your account and select the settings option 
  • Here, at the bottom of the drop-down menu, go to the options 
  • Under the managing the account option, you can see the account details 
  • Further, go to the change password section 
  • Set it and save the current password

2. Do check the account settings 

There is an option in which you can add the account or set the automatic replies. You can change the account settings; you can save the account from being hacked. 

3. Clear your device malware and virus 

The primary reason behind the hacked account is viruses and other malware activities. Before you do the recovery process, make sure you clear all the viruses and free the system. 

What are the Reasons behind your account being lost?

There are three primary reasons behind the outlook account getting lost. Though, it is hard to find which one is your region. 


The primary reason behind account loss is malware. When you install the application, which is not from the authorized source, it mostly comes from the website, which is not secure or not recommended to use. 

Use website save information 

Many such websites ask you to save login information. Sometimes persons do this intentionally or sometimes by mistake. Hackers easily break the security wall and access the saved information. 

What are some Other ways to recover an Outlook account?

You can recover the account in two unique ways:

1. Use community Forum

If you cannot recover the account fast, then a team of experts can help you. With a community forum, you can learn about the process that is easy to direct. All here you have to do is to select the topic first. 

2. Use Email

There are various types of methods through which you can connect with a person. Here you can use the email option. It can help you secure the account safely, and you can mention the query in a much better way. 

In this way, you can recover hacked outlook account, but when you cannot run the process on your own, then take quick support from the team. The most crucial part is that the fast you respond, the faster you can save or recover the hacked account.

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