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Recover missing Norton Security Toolbar on Google Chrome

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How To Recover Missing Norton Security Toolbar on Google Chrome

When you install Norton Toolbar then it is installed along with a Norton product like Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, or Norton Security. But on some of the browsers, you may need to install the extension from the respective web store. You can follow the below steps to recover missing toolbar:

1. You need to update the latest Norton version. To get the latest Norton version you can go to Norton Update Center if you have an active subscription. If you bought Norton from your service provider, then you can check with your service provider to make sure that you have the latest version.

2. After that run live update. For this follow below steps:

a. Start Norton first.

b. Then from the main window, you can click Security and then click LiveUpdate. In case you downloaded Norton Identity Safe from the website, then you need to click the Settings icon which you will see at the bottom of the main window. Then click Check for new updates the Settings window, on the About tab.

c. Once you see that Norton LiveUpdate is finished, then click OK.

d. Now run LiveUpdate till the time you see the message, "Your Norton product has the latest protection updates."

e. Now exit all the programs, and then restart the computer.

3. Then enable Norton toolbar in your web browser. And if you have Google Chrome browser then you can follow below steps to recover missing Norton security toolbar on Google Chrome:

The latest versions of Norton are quite compatible with both current and previous 2 versions of Google Chrome browser. For other Google Chrome browsers follow below steps:

  1. Start Norton. If you see a pop up about toolbar extensions then you can follow the instructions on the pop up. In case there is no pop up then continue the below steps.
  2.  You need to double click on Identity in the main window.
  3. Then click Identity safe.
  4. Now click settings icon in the Norton identity safe window.
  5. Now on the General tab click Install Norton extensions which you will see next to Google chrome.
  6. Now follow on-screen instructions to install extensions.

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