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How Do I Request a Refund From TurboTax? - Get Refund

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Though there are a massive number of customers who are currently using TurboTax services for their tax filing, there are still many who are not very happy with the services and regret after purchasing its products. If you are unsatisfied with TurboTax services, search "How do I get my refund from TurboTax?" Then you can write and drop an email and provide your product license code and receipt to Customers must always try to claim a refund within two months of their product buying. 

Can I Get a Refund for TurboTax Online?

Yes, customers who do not wish to continue using TurboTax services and want a refund can use the following online steps: 

  1. Go to the website of Intuit TurboTax.
  2. Customers already using its services must sign into their TurboTax account using their id and passwords.
  3. They are now required to go to their account and click on active subscription. They can cancel their service plan and tap on the refund form link.
  4. When the online form is generated, they must fill in all the mandatory fields, mention their reason for claiming a refund in the message box, and tap the submit button.
  5. Users must attach receipts of their TurboTax service or product if essential. 

Does TurboTax Guarantee Your Refund?

Yes, TurboTax guarantees refunds if users are unhappy or satisfied with the services. They can claim a full refund within 60 days of their initial purchase. They can either fill out the online form or reach customer services to get their refunded amount. 

How Much is The Processing Fee for a TurboTax Refund? 

Customers might need to pay a processing fee for TurboTax refunds. According to TurboTax's Online refund policy, customers who made a transaction using their refunded amount must pay approximately $35- $49 as a processing fee. There are many cases in which the status is found pending or accepted; in those cases, customers cannot change their decision to make payment via a refund. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund From TurboTax? 

After filing the refund form, many customers are curious about the time to get back their refund. It might take approximately 21 business days to receive a refund. Usually, after customers fill refund request form TurboTax, they can check the status online, where they will be displayed the exact time to receive their amount. 

How Do I Know Whether my TurboTax Return is Accepted? 

TurboTax enables customers to track the status of their refund request online to know whether their request is accepted. 

Why is TurboTax Charging Me to Pay With my Refund?

Many TurboTax customers utilize their refunded money to fill in their returns. Though service providers enable them to do so, it charges an amount as a fee. The third-party that handles transactions is usually responsible for charging money; therefore, customers must pay a fee. 


TurboTax provides good tax and return filing services and satisfies customers by refunding their money if they are not completely happy with the products or services. From the details mentioned above, your doubts about TurboTax refunds must have been cleared. 

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