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Roku Password Reset Guide- Access Your Roku Account Easily

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How to Reset Roku Account Password?

Being a Roku device owner, it is very important to remember your Roku account password in order to access the multiple Roku services. But sometimes many circumstances arrive when you forget your password and face difficulties to access your Roku account. In such conditions, you can simply reset your Roku account password which is very easy to do in a step by step procedure if you have proper knowledge regarding that.

Here are the steps to reset the Roku account password:

  • Go to the official password reset page of Roku via

  • Click on Forgot password option and then enter the email address of your Roku account that password you wish to reset.

  • Click on the Submit tab.

  • Now you will receive a password reset link on your recovery email and then open the received link.

  • Enter the new password for your Roku account and then re-enter the same password to confirm.

By following the above-described Roku password reset process, you can simply reset your password and if you are still not able to reset your Roku account password, then contact the customer service team for getting better solutions on the password reset process.

What all things a user can try to fix the issue of the Roku password recovery process not working?

A device that is used to access the videos or music, Roku provides the high-end online streaming features to all the users. This can be accessed for multiple purposes. But, sometimes, when the users try for recovering the password, then they face trouble when they do not receive the verification code or face some other issues.

Issues with the recovery process:

Well, if your Roku password reset is not working, then you can make a call on the helpline number and get assistance from them. The users will get proper aid from them. Well, let us see the several reasons behind the issue of password reset that is not working.

  • Password reset method incorrect

  • Entering the incorrect username

  • Issues related to server.

  • Not receiving the Verification code

Well, let us now see the steps that you can take to fix this. you have to check whether the email that you are entering is correct or not. If you are not receiving the verification code, then you have to ensure that the phone number you have entered at the time when that was partially displayed is correctly typed.

Sometimes, you can get issues because of these minor things. So, you have to take care of each and everything while you are going through the recovery process of Roku.

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