Talk to Expert Email Not Working on iPhone: 7 Easy Methods

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How do I fix SBC Global not working on iPhone?

The user encounters different types of problems in the SBC Global account but we have solutions to resolve the problems. The problem in SBC Global account is SBC Global email not working on iPhone. SBC Global is one of the popular telecommunication companies that provide emailing services to its users. Besides all this, we have multiple reasons behind the issue like poor internet connection; sever error, settings problems and many others.

Here are 7 working ways to fix the SBC Global account issue on iPhone:

  • Wrong credentials: If the person has entered the wrong credentials, then this type of issues will come in the account. You should type correct username and password to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Update the application: Sometimes, the out-dated version can cause problems in the account. Make sure you update your app to the current version.

  • Check the internet connection: The proper Internet connection is the key requirement when we are operating our SBC Global account. Diagnose your internet connection and check after some time that if it is properly working or not.

  • Check server settings: You should check the incoming and outgoing server settings. If there is some issue, then troubleshoot the issue.

  • Enable the SSL authentication: Turn on the SSL authentication for incoming and outgoing server otherwise these issues will come in the account.

  • Remove cache and app data: Make sure you clear all the cache and app data from the application. Clear all the cache and history from the application.

  • Add the account again: If the issue is still persisting, then delete the account completely and then add it again with the updated version. This may fix you issue.

With the above ways, you can fix the issue of SBC Global email not working on iPhone in a very simple manner. If the issues are still persisting in SBC Global account, then you have to contact customer support. The customer executives will look into the matter and will provide the required solutions to your problems. You can also contact customer support via email, social media or helpline number.

How Do I Setup My AT&T Email on My iPhone?

If you want to access your AT&T email account on iPhone, then it is only possible when you set up it and you can Sbcglobal email setup on iPhone through the below steps:

  • Open the Settings of your iPhone.

  • Tap on Mail.

  • Select Accounts.

  • Now select Add Account option.

  • Select Yahoo from the list of email services.

  • Enter your email address and then click on Next.

  • Enter your password and then click on Next.

  • Tap on Save to complete the process.

Does Sbcglobal Still Work?

Yes, it is still working but you can access your Sbcglobal account through the AT&T or Yahoo website because it is now the part of AT&T.

What is the Incoming Mail Server for

The incoming mail server for is or

What is AT&T SMTP Server for iPhone?

  • SMTP Server:

  • Port: 465

  • Security: SSL/TLS

How Do I Update My Account?

Since has merged with AT&T, you can’t access your email with this domain as you will be required to change your domain and you can update your account with the relevant domain either it can be AT&T or Yahoo through the below steps:

  • Login to your account and then click on the Settings option.

  • Click on the Edit icon on the right side of your screen.

  • Now you can update your email address and then confirm your password.

  • Click on the Save tab.

Can I Keep My Email Address?

Once the updating process into the AT&T email login completed, you can simply use the Sbcglobal domain with the reliable hosting in the form of Yahoo. You will be capable to use your Sbcglobal email as the same you use used to access previously.

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