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How Do I Talk to Customer Service at

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If you want to speak to someone at, then here's one of the easiest ways to contact their representative simply dial this phone number 1-(888) 850-3958 and get an instant response from a live person, the customer service is available 24 hours to resolve your queries or doubts.

Can I contact by telephone?

Yes, if you wish to contact with their representative and want to know How can I speak to someone at booking com? Then you must dial: 1-(888) 850-3958 and follow the given IVR:

  1. To book flights
  2. For car rentals
  3. For accommodation facilities.

After pressing one number, the call will be connected to the corresponding representative.

How do I send an email to

Suppose any customer wishes to reach formally to complain about their traveling experience or to make arrangements for their journey. In that case, they can use the email services using the following steps:

  1. After visiting the official website, customers must select their language from the top menu bar.Now they must navigate to the “help center” page.
  2. Select the option of sending an email.
  3. Draft an email mentioning your requirements, attach the supporting documents and drop it to the
  4. official address:
  5. You will be reverted within a few business days.

Can you message

Yes, users can message to resolve their travel-related issues. To use this facility, customers are required to follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully:

  • Visit the official web page.
  • Now, if customers have registered with, they must log into their account using their id and password.
  • Now, they must navigate the help center by scrolling to the extreme bottom of the page.
  • You will come across the “message us” option on the contact page.
  • As you click the option message window will open.
  • You must write your problem in the message box and click on the arrow icon to send your message.

How long does it take for to respond? 

If you are searching how much time takes to revert you, it usually depends upon which mode of communication you use to reach them. If you used to connect with them via phone call, you would contact their representative after a short hold time, and if the dealing expert is on another call at that moment, you can request a callback. You will be reverted within 24 hours. If you choose to send an email, then it might take 7-15 business days to receive a response.

Does have 24-hour Customer Service?

Yes, provides 24 hours customer care services to help users to eliminate their travel-related issues. They can use multiple options to reach the services and get the desired assistance.

How do I report a problem with

To report a problem with, people must follow the given instructions:

  1. Visit the official webpage.
  2. Navigate to the “help center.”
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on the contact form link, fill in mandatory fields and press the submit button.

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