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How Do I Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically?

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Step by Step Guide on how to stop Microsoft teams from starting automatically

Apart from our day to day Smartphones, the Desktop Pc, Laptops we use, every device has software or hardware related to Microsoft. On your system, it has the operating system of Microsoft, which is windows. Not only the operating system but also the software it uses like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and much more.

Microsoft has been a part of the platform from a very long time and provides next-level services whether it is building base software for the customers to use or to resolve the queries or the problems the customers are facing. Even with Microsoft, problems can arise as the most common problem is whenever we switch on our system, at the home page appears, the Microsoft teams starts automatically. This is a very common problem which is faced by a lot of guys while they operate their system. But not to worry, Microsoft has created resolutions even for a situation like this. Follow the below-mentioned points for the resolution-

Settings from Task Manager

  • To open the Task Manager, press the combination of Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Locate and click on Startup menu.
  • You will find the option of Microsoft teams there.
  • Click on that and check the Disable option.
  • This will disable the Microsoft teams to start automatically. If it does not work, try the next method mentioned below.

Correct Settings

  • Open the application of Microsoft teams.
  • On the top right corner of the page, click on the icon which states your profile.
  • Once you do, it will open a new webpage, scroll down and locate the option of Auto Start application and untick it.
  • Therefore, the above mentioned way is another method of limiting Microsoft teams to start automatically.

If even these two methods don’t work and whenever you are starting your PC, the Microsoft teams opens automatically then you’ll have to go with the last reserve. The last option left to resolve the problem you are facing is mentioned below, follow the mentioned procedures only if the above mentioned points do not works.

Making Changes to Registry

A very vital piece of information as making changes to the registry can be very harmful if not done in a correct way. So only go with this step if the above-mentioned steps don’t work and you do not have any other method to go with. Before going with this step, make sure that you have a backup of your registry so that if things go sideways then you can restore the registry with the help of the backup that you have already created.

Follow the steps to stop the Microsoft team from starting autmatically-

  • Simultaneously, press the button of windows + R to open the popup box of Run dialog.
  • In the section box given, type ‘regedit’ and then click on the option OK.
  • On the following page, on the right hand side of the page, locate the panel and then right click on the option of registry entry for Microsoft teams.
  • Choose the option delete and click on that.

Therefore, the above-mentioned steps will surely help you in eliminating the problem of stop microsoft teams from starting automatically completely, and thus whenever you will open your system, the Microsoft teams won’t open automatically anymore. But make sure that you don’t affect any other settings of your system so that it does not act in a strange manner and you are no longer able to use the basic amenities provided by your system. Thus, all the three mentioned steps will help you get rid of the problem that you are facing.

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