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Video Chat Not Working on Facebook Messenger | How to Fix

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Facebook is a social platform through which you can easily get connected through which end number of people can connect to each other. It offers a different medium through which people can talk to each other face to face and get the assistance they require. Facebook messenger has given a tough competition to it. If you failed to get through Facebook video chat, the following ways would help you to rectify it and use it most appropriately.

There are many reasons why your Facebook video chat is not working

Facebook users either get hardware access error when you are trying to the video calls or incoming calls you are not able to get a ring on them. While for some issues, the video doesn't work, others do have issues regarding windows laptops which are detecting such issues.    

Network problems

There might be reasons that you are facing network issues due to which you failed to access the Facebook video chat messenger. You need to check the network very well in order to connect through Facebook video chat.

Wifi issues

There might be a possibility of a wifi issue that the signal is weak, and there is an issue with wifi, and you are not able to get the network and failed to connect through wifi. Then, you can try to resettings the network settings.

How to fix this issue


You should start fixing the video call problems on Facebook. Firstly you should restart your browser first. In order to restart the browser, you have to close it off. You should even kill it from the task manager. Then open it again. If it doesn't fix the issue, restart your system again and try it. Then, you will be able to access Facebook video chat very well.

Log -out

You should firstly try logging out from Facebook messenger in order to fix the video calling issues. In order to correct the issue, firstly open a messenger .com. Then click on the Settings icon located at the top, and choose a logout. Then do restaurant the PC. Then log in again to Facebook. 

Do check the connected Bluetooth Device

If you use your Bluetooth speaker or headphone with your PC, you have to make sure it's disconnected. When you are trying to make a video call, if you don't hear a sound, it is obvious there is a sound issue with a well-connected Bluetooth device. At times a Bluetooth device is not properly connected to your PC, and that is where the sound is going from Facebook calls. 

Check Availability

Facebook Messenger's video calling facility is limited to a few browsers only, as it is mentioned on the Facebook support page. Those are google chrome, opera. At times you are able to use it on other browsers too. However, group calling is not available on Mozilla fox or other web browsers. So it's important to check the availability before using its services.


You can easily fix the issues you are facing while using the Facebook video chat and easily fix it by simply following the above-written methods. Thus, by simply following the above-written methods, you can easily connect through Facebook video chat and access it freely.

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