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4 Ways To Recover/Retrieve/Restore Deleted Instagram Photos

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Learn the Procedure to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

Instagram is the social media platform favored by millennials to upload and share photos among the network. Social media platforms like Instagram are being used for many years for sharing the photos, and of adding the live story with the help of the inbuilt features to give your live updates on the trending Instagram.

This comes as an eye of everything beautiful in the world to get the mesmerizing view of the fascinating people around you. But sometimes you may have mistakenly lost all the photos of your Instagram account, in that case, you must know the ways to recover deleted Instagram photos.

Top 4 Ways To Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

Know about the Instagram archive feature

  • A new feature has been added into the account named archive Posts. This way you can learn the ways to hide photos and videos from being seen by anyone.

  • Yes, we can compare this feature as a recycle bin where you can store all the temporary files. Till you empty it, your photos will be available for the quick recovery of the photos and the files

Make use of the recovery software to get back deleted pics

  • Learn to recall where your photos were stored.

  • In the next move, Install the recovery tool.

  • Now you have to scan the location for the deleted files.

  • In the last step, save the found images.

Recover your Photos by using the Google account

Most of the android users make use of Google Photos to store their photos and store data. So it generally makes sense to check the backup in the cloud to recover deleted Instagram photos.

  • In the first step, navigate to the Google photos from the account.

  • Now you have to check the content of all the published albums.

  • Check whether the recycle bin contains any of your photos shared on the Instagram.

Change the location of the stored photos

Many of the android users insert a new memory card in their phones to look at the photos and videos that they take which is saved in the internal memory of the phone.

  • In the first step effort, navigate to the settings.

  • In the next move, find the camera storage options.

  • Now you have to change it to SD card.

Consider and adhere with the above information to get back to the account information. If required you can take assistance from the dedicated support team of Instagram to help you rise above this complexity of recover deleted Instagram photos.

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