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How Do I Solve(Fix) the Microsoft Teams Black Screen

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How Do I Fix Microsoft Teams Screen Black Issues?

Microsoft teams is world’s largest communication platform that is embraced by the most of the organization. With this, one can easily do quality video conferencing. Here users can store files and share information too. It is quite safe and secure and for this, it is widely accepted. 

However, users face issues like black screens. This can affect the whole work and even with a black screen, you will not able to attend meetings. But there are several methods through which you can easily Fix Microsoft Teams Black Screen problem. We have covered the techniques below, you can direct them. 

Top Ways To Solve The Microsoft Teams Screen Blacks Issues 

There are simple ways that you can manage easily without any external assistance. 

  • Restart The Microsoft Teams 

You should start with the most common solutions. There are many small bugs that may create such issues whiles starting the teams. Here all you have to do is to restart the teams. Here you have to make sure that you have closed all the tabs and remove the files that are going to upload. Now, when you restart, then take a few minutes and then start the meetings. 

  • Allow The Meeting In Microsoft Teams 

Here you have to open the outlook on the browser and now go to the new teams meetings. You can check that whether your system is allowed to take meetings or not. If you are able to conduct the meetings, then you can make the necessary changes in the meeting option. 

To get this option, you can visit the top of the team’s page where you can see the option of teams meeting. Two more options will pop up, you can click on the new teams. 

  • Don’t Use The Obsolete Drivers 

To run Microsoft teams application, your computer drivers must be updated. If you are not aware of is it update or not, then you can go with the below-mentioned steps. 

  • GO to the Device manage
  • Here you can see the different option, you can search for the display adapters 
  • Move to the GPU and then further click on the updated driver
  • With this option, you can even check whether the application is disabled or not

Once you make the changes, then make sure that you have to restart the system. It is the important part and after completes it, and then you can start the team. 

  • Remove The Cache And Clear The Memory 

Numerous times Microsoft team needs a good space to run properly on the system. But people find it hard to know that whether the system memory has enough space or not. Here you check for the unnecessary files like cache or cookies that can cause the system to run slow. Once you complete this, then go to the file manager and check the space. 

These are some common methods through which you can easily manage the issues. For more complex issues, you can take assistance from the support team. 

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