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FIX: Mic(Microphone) Not Working on Microsoft Teams

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Why is the Mic of my Microsoft teams not working? How to fix it?

The Microsoft teams software was developed and launched in 2017 to facilitate business communication. This software is used by numerous internet users to get the benefit of audio and video tools. However, some users often face the problem when the other person is unable to hear them in the meeting. Majorly, it is caused when a Microphone is Not Working in Teams and needs technical assistance to fix it.

Know the reason why Microphone is not working on Microsoft teams?

  • The Microphone is not connected to your device properly.
  • Microphone is disabled on the device which you are using.
  • The software of the connected device is out of date.
  • A bug is causing the audio to disconnect itself on the call.
  • The settings of the Microsoft Teams are poorly configured.

How to fix the Microphone that is not working in Microsoft teams?

Fixing the issue of the Microphone not working on teams software is very easy by making use of the following troubleshooting methods.

Restart the Microsoft teams application

Restarting the Microsoft teams app is the most common method to fix the problem of the Microphone not working. This restart method can be used on various devices.

  • Close the tab of Microsoft teams account by signing it out and re-open it on the desktop or mobile device.
  • Close the Microsoft teams app on your android device and begin it again to complete the restarting process.

Enable Microphone on the device

The method of enabling the Microphone on your device works well as sometimes Microphone access is not given to the app. In this case, use the process that is discussed below.

  • Go to settings of your device and search the Microphone option. Now, you need to toggle it on for the desktop device.
  • In case of using the mobile app, go to its settings and enable permission to use the Microphone.

Update the application software

If you are using an older version of the Microsoft teams software, chances to receive the errors in using the Microphone increases. Thus, you should use the following method.

  • Update the web browser app that you are using to enjoy a smooth experience while using this app.
  • Update the Microsoft teams app while using it on the mobile device to use the new and improved features.

Unable to resolve Microphone is Not Working in Teams issue? Contact official Microsoft support for it.

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