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Optimum Live Person: Ways to talk with a live agent at Optimum

Do you have any service-related inquiries about Optimum? Well in such a condition you can directly support from the customer care department of Optimum. Yes, you heard it right, Optimum has a very genuine customer care center whose main objective is to handle all the customer inquiries at best. For receiving further details about the Optimum customer care services and how to contact a live person, kindly go through the information as discussed below.

Talk to a Live Person at Optimum:

  • Dial Optimum Phone Number 855-267-8468(for Billing, Internet & TV).
  • Press 1 for the voice menu prompt. ("Press 1" is also applicable for business support.
  • Next, speak "Optimum live Representative."
  • Wait(4 to 5 Minutes) on the Call.
  • Technical Automated Voice system will engage you with a live customer agent.

What are the possible methods to speak with Optimum live agent?

If you are wondering about the possible means of speaking to an Optimum live person, get the accurate details from below:

Phone call

  • Optimum provides the phone call support through a dedicated customer service phone number.
  • This customer care phone number of Optimum is toll-free and provides 24/7 services to the customers.
  • The average waiting time for connecting with a live agent from the Optimum support team is between 7 to 30 minutes.

Optimum Live chat

  • Optimum also offers live chat support services to the people for getting help from a live agent regarding any service related inquiry
  • Live chat service of Optimum is approachable through its official but you have to fill a form first for launching a live chat session.
  • You can get chat support via its official contact support page.

Talk to a real person at Optimum customer service via phone:

You can talk to a real person at Optimum customer service by dialing 888-276-5255(Billing, Internet & TV), Apart from that you can also do chat or drop an email for support. If you wish to learn the procedure for connecting to an Optimum live person, kindly follow the instructions from below:

  • At first, you have to dial 888-276-5255 the customer service phone number of Optimum.
  • Then you have to press 1 on the keypad for connecting to a real person at Optimum.
  • After that, you have to press 1 again if looking for the Optimum business services.
  • Or press 2 digits on the keypad if looking for the Optimum home services.
  • Hereafter, your phone call is transferred to the Optimum live agent with whom you can speak straight regarding your query.

Optimum Customer Service and Support for Business

Department Phone Numbers Hours of Operation Days
Customer Service / Billing Customer Service  9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday
  888-276-5255 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday
Technical Support Technical Support 24 hours 7 days a week
(Internet, Phone & TV) 888-276-5255    
Sales Sales Support 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday - Friday
Installation & Pending Surveys 855-267-8468 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday - Friday

Hence, Optimum customer service live person is very conveniently communicable by the people who need to get information regarding any service-related details. Also speaking directly with a live executive from the Optimum customer service team provides greater satisfaction regarding any of the service-related information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Optimum have 24-hour customer service?

  • Yes, optimum has 24-hour customer service if in case they are having any problem or issue.
  • All other support will be available most of the time from Mon-Sat but will be closed on Sunday on regular business days.
  • To get any issue solved, the user will have to dial the customer care toll-free number easily.

Can I email optimum customer service?

  • Yes, users can easily Optimum email customer service. The official mailing address will be available on the official website of Optimum.
  • Customers can easily mail customer care in order to get all the issues solved. The average response time of customer care service is 1-2 days in which they will help you solve the issue.

How do I cancel my optimum service?

  • User can easily plan their Optimum Cancellation Date. The best thing is that Optimum do not have contracts or early termination fees, so the user can easily cancel it any time.
  • To do that they need to call the Optimum to Cancel.
  • Return the Optimum Equipment without any hassle.

What is the cheapest optimum package?

  • Mostly the optimum provides a very affordable package to all the customer around the globe. But Optimum's cheapest TV package is Optimum 300 which is usually for $39.99 a month.
  • IT can be availed via its website or the user can even dial the customer care service number.

Does Optimum have a landline phone service?

  • Optimum is the first landline telephone service provider in the U.S. that has launched High Definition calling to anyone in the world. To get the HD calling, customers and call recipients should be subscribed to Optimum Voice and use HD-capable handsets and speak to anyone they want.
  • The service is very comfortable and flexible. In case if you to not have the HD capable handset then the user can easily dial the optimum customer care service number and get one or they can even visit the nearest store.

How Do I Reach Optimum Customer Service?

If you are the users of Optimum products and services and you have started to face a problem, then there is no worries as you can contact the customer service of Optimum. 

All you have to do is search “Optimum support” on your web browser. You will reach the support page of Optimum. Then, click on the “Support” heading and then choose “Contact Us” from there. You will get all the Optimum customer service numbers and other contact information as well. You can then get your query solved by them. 

How Can I Lower My Optimum Bill?

Optimum can over-charge you sometimes, but you can take help from various online tools to lower your Optimum bill. These tools will act as a mediator between you and Optimum, and it will be on your side in providing you the discount on the products and services purchased from Optimum. 

Does Optimum have a senior discount?

Since Optimum is one of the leading dealers in various services, it offers multiple facilities to its customers. One of those facilities is a senior discount. Senior citizens can avail themselves of this discount and enjoy the benefits of commendable services provided by Optimum. 

You can fill the “Senior discount form” to get the discount. You can also call on the Optimum customer service number and talk to the help representative, and they will help you with any of your queries or issue you have about anything related to Optimum and its modus operandi.

How Do I Negotiate a Better Deal on Optimum?

If you need to negotiate well with Optimum for better deals, then you can do two things discussed in the below section; to know the appropriate information read the list of points.

  1. If you are planning to choose Optimum, you must look for a lower deal package for a better assessment of Optimum.
  2. Another point you can consider would be when you contact an Optimum customer service agent because you then discuss a fair deal.

How Long Does it Take Optimum to Restore Service?

Generally, if you take help for Optimum service restoration, you will have to wait 30-60 minutes to restore your service properly.

Is chat support Better Than Phone support?

At Optimum support, both services like phone or chat are enabled because they offer real-time interaction. Lastly, customers can choose any option to get help immediately without hustling.
Optimum Social Networks Support
Yes, Optimum offers the option to its users for social networks, which are known to be Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, that are available on the official website for help.

What to Do if Optimum Contact Number Is Not Working?

Suppose you are trying to reach Optimum through a contact number, but you aren’t getting help; then you can use live chat and social networks for guidance direct from the agent.

What is the 1-800 Telephone Number for Optimum?

The helpline number for Optimum to approach starts with 1-888-276-525, and you will know. How do you get a human at Optimum for help following accounting help or better deals for Optimum.

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Diane Fitzgerald
I have tried every number available and can’t seem to reach a live person. I called almost 2 months to cancel my Optimum select and it is still on my bill. How do I get this removed and receive credit? Thank you, Diane fitzgerald
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