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Norton Customer Care

Norton is an Antivirus software that protects your devices like PC, Desktop, mobiles and so on from all the potential threats on internet like virus, Trojans, malwares and so on. You can install it from the website of Norton or you can bring Norton CD/DVD and install it on your computer. But while doing so you may face some problem if you are not following the right steps. Even after downloading and instalment you may face any other issues like activation, scan error and so on. In such situations you need help. For help you can seek Norton customer care which is available to you round the clock. You can ask your question in the Norton community. You can contact Norton support and get expert help from Norton.

Norton customer care number for getting reliable support

Norton is quite a reliable product and Norton customer care number also provides you reliable support. What is the purpose of using Norton customer care if it does not offer reliable support? This is where Norton understands the importance of offering you the support which is easy, quick and sustainable over a period of time. The experts over here use the latest technology available and they are happy to help you even during the odd hours. You just need to dial Norton customer care number when you are in trouble with Norton Antivirus.

Support for downloading, subscription and activation issues

Norton requires downloading, subscription and activation. But what if you are not aware of any of these? You would require support for downloading, subscription and activation issues. Well, you can get all these from the Norton and they provide you all the technical help required for easy downloading, subscription and activation of Norton Antivirus. On the Norton support page under FAQ section you can get all the information regarding all these but if you are not satisfied then you can ask your question in the Norton Community and also contact Norton for expert help.   

Norton Antivirus subscription and renewal

If you are using the current version of Norton Antivirus then you can follow below steps for renewal of your subscription:

  1. First start your Norton product, Norton Antivirus in this case.
  2. You will see subscription status, next to that click on ‘Renew’.
  3. Now click Renew My Subscription. At this time make sure that your PC is connected properly to the internet connection.
  4. Next you see a webpage opens, here you can follow the instructions to renew your Norton Antivirus.
  5. Once your order is complete, exit the web browser window.
  6. Next in the Symantec Renewal window, you should follow the on-screen instructions to complete the renewal process.

Norton customer support number

When you need support from Norton then you have multiple choices to get the desired customer support. One is going for Live Chat. You can chat with an agent and get the fastest solution to your issue. Live Chat support is available to you 24/7, with easy assistance and no wait time. You can also get here remote assistance. If this does not suit you then you can go on social media pages like Facebook and Twitter where you can put your query and get the solution. You can also get your question solved on the Norton Forums. And last but not the least you have phone support available. You can dial Norton customer support number and get expert help 24/7.

Get quick support by calling Norton customer service number

When you need support on urgent basis regarding your Norton product then look nowhere else but get quick support by calling Norton customer service number where you will get quick solution to your query.

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