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Tips for creating a strong password for Hotmail account

Hotmail is the best and frequently used email account by the users which makes it very convenient for them to manage their work. It is accessed by the users for both the personal as well as the professional use which make it suitable for the users to work on it. It provides different features and facilities for the users which make it a top notch mail service provider and help the users to keep their work updated.

In order to keep the work on the Hotmail account secured, users are required to have a strong password which will make it easy for them to work on it. In order to keep the password for their account strong and keep the account safe, users are required to follow certain useful tips to get it done. The tips for keeping the account safe are as follows

Use at least eight characters

For keeping a strong password, users are advised to use atleast eights characters which might consists of special characters and numbers to make the password strong. Some use less than eight characters which makes the account exposed to breach of privacy.

Avoid using user name or real name

For the password, it is advised to the users to avoid using the user name or the real name of the account and keep the account secured. It is because that the hackers generally use user name or the real name to get the idea about the password of the account.

Right combination of letters & numbers

The password must have the right combination of the numbers and letters to make it a strong one and hard to be predicted. Use of single combination of letters only or numbers only make the account insecure and cause trouble to the users in their work.

Save answers for security questions

Many times it happens that the users forget their password causing issue in their access. In such condition, they are required to regain the access of their account through password retrieval method. It could be done by answering the security questions assigned at the time of creating the account. They are advised to save the answers of their questions as it will be helpful for them to regain the access of their account.

Save locations and mobile numbers

If a user wants to access their account from different location then it requires them to do so by providing the password and other credentials. They can also assign their location with the account used in order to get appropriate data of their account. Getting the access of their account by providing the mobile number also makes it easy for them to get their work done as they can do the password recovery by getting the code on their device.

If still the users have any issue while working on their gmail account then they are required to immediately contact the support experts to get the proper solution. They can call on the Hotmail password recovery number and get the support.

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