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YouTube Not Working: Know What to Do

YouTube is the most used application for watching videos online. This is a product of Google. Millions of users are watching videos on YouTube every second. You can also watch your favorite video on YouTube. But what if you see that YouTube is not working. You know that you can use YouTube on any device like PC, Mobile, tablet, etc. When you see that YouTube is not working you should check if the internet is working on not. There might be an issue with an internet connection. You can solve this issue and start enjoying your videos on YouTube. There might be other reasons as well depending on the device you are using.  

Guide To Fix YouTube Not working on Android

For various reasons, the YouTube app may not be working on Android. These reasons may include issues such as cache problems, internet connection, the app itself or your Android device on which you are using YouTube app is on may be at fault. You can see below the solutions that should fix the issue of YouTube not working on Android:

1. If you keep the device on for a while then you can restart and then relaunch the YouTube app.

2. You can go to settings>apps and look for YouTube and go to storage and clear cache, force stop the app and restart the phone.

3. You can also go to Google Play and update your smartphone to the latest version of the YouTube app available. Always make sure your Android smartphone is up to date.

4. You can uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

5. Make sure that your internet connection is fine and working as it should. In its absence, YouTube will not work as it is highly dependent on the Internet.

6. If none of the above works then the issue might be with the smartphone itself and you need to reset it so backup and try doing a reset if it is a solution.

Why is YouTube not working on my computer?

For below possible reasons YouTube may not be working on your computer:

1. There is an internet connection issue.

2. There is a browser issue.

3. There is an issue with system resources required.

4. There might be security problems.

Guide To Fix YouTube not working on Chrome

You can follow below steps to fix the issue of YouTube not working on Chrome:

1. Close the chrome from the Task Manager.

2. You can configure settings in Chrome.

3. Clear the cache memory.

4. Disable the extension that is causing the problem.

5. You can uninstall chrome from your device and then reinstall it.

6. You can update the video drivers.

7. If possible you can switch to another browser also.

Guide To Fix YouTube not working on iPhone

You can try below steps to fix the issue of YouTube not working on iPhone:

1. Reboot your iPhone.

2. Troubleshoot YouTube App.

3. If required update YouTube.

4. You can uninstall and reinstall YouTube.

5. Solve the WiFi issue.

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