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HP is a world-famous brand of computers, printers, servers, and other related IT products. It is one of the biggest IT MNC companies in the USA. HP offers a wide range of printers, which are both used by individuals and business organizations.  HP printers are loaded with user-friendly features at the same time; they are affordable and robustly build.

Though HP printers are trouble-free users may face certain issues with HP printers sometime. To resolve these technical issues with printers, users need reliable and dedicated support. Therefore we bring our third-party remote support for HP printer number for customers from all around the world. Whenever users encounter any technical problem with HP printer, they can easily get support for HP printer from our experts over the phone. 

How do I contact HP Printer customer service?

When you find some trouble with your HP Printer device, which is not working fine, you can contact the customer service team quickly. You may dial the HP Printer customer service number at 1800 425 4999 to connect with a representative and choose your language to share your concern suitably.

How to Make HP Online Support Request?

If your HP printer device is not working fine and is under warranty, you can request an HP online support. To avoid doubts, learn how to make HP online support requests.

  • First, visit the official HP support page and select the products and services for which you want a solution.
  • Sign in to your HP support account or create it, select the online support request, and choose the products.
  • Select the service order, printer setup, and diagnostic tool, and select the form to enter the details and submit your form.
  • Click on the model number you selected and select the submit button to request online HP support service.

How do I email HP customer service?

When you don’t get a response via phone call or online support request, you can email and share your technical concern to get the answer soon. If you want to email HP customer service, choose the email address and send your problem to get the answer soon. 

How Can I Get in Touch With HP Via Social Media?

Share your essential technical problems related to HP Printer devices via social media services and find the solution quickly. You can use:

How do I make a complaint to HP?

If you want to make a complaint to HP, use a phone call service and dial the HP Printer customer service number at 1800 258 7170 and share concerns immediately. You can also visit the HP support service and your account and choose the products to make a complaint to HP conveniently.

What Kind of Issues can HP Customer Service Representative Resolve?

When you connect with an HP customer service representative, you can expect various technical issues to be solved, including,

  • The printer is not turning on or off.
  • There is no power and no boot issue.
  • HP Printer returns and repairs.
  • Covering warranty claim.
  • Paper Jams on HP printer.
  • Slow PC or printer device.
  • Resolving sound issues.
  • Wireless network issue.
  • Repairing HP printer and laptop and so on.

How much does HP charge for tech support?

You don't need to pay any fee when you need assistance with your HP printer, laptop device, or any other equipment you want to repair. It asks you to pay online a one-time fee of $14.99 to $99.99 to resolve a single issue for one device without recurring monthly charges.


If you undergo any technical disaster with your HP printer or any other HP devices, dial the HP Printer customer service number at 800 425 4999. Using this number, you will connect with a representative to talk and share your technical concerns to get the answer soon.

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