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Apple Live Person: How Do I Talk To a Live Person at Apple

The best way to reach Apple’s customer care service is to dial 1-800-MY-APPLE but most of the time you will end up in the maze of automatic menus with a robot that will only make you more frustrated and confused. Here are certain tricks that you can follow while encountering an automated voice robot that should connect to a live person working for apple.

How to Talk to Human at Apple For Support?

  • Press 0 continuously. This will help your phone getting transferred to a live person. This trick works for the majority of automated phone systems since 0 usually received the support person or operator and they will help you immediately. 
  • Most of the time you are asked to wait until redirected to live person so to avoid this situation start answering the robot that you want to talk to “Customer Service” over and over again before you are placed to hold and wait for the line.
  • Another goofy trick is to speak gibberish. Often when an automated robot fails to understand you, it redirects Apple live person immediately. You can also repeatedly say “customer service representative” and then follow up with some gibberish voice. 
  • For it’s worth you can also call Apples’s technical support (Customer service) number directly which is 1-802-613-0129. Most of the times you will be immediately talking to a human.

So if you are facing any technical issues or problems with ordering, sales, shipping, it would be better solved by Apple live person. Apple support representative is usually really trained and would be able to solve your problem quickly. 

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