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Delta Airlines is an American airline company. Delta airline has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline is one of the biggest companies in the world. Delta Airline offers online tickets and flights at the domestic and international levels. With Delta Airlines you can book flight tickets and flights to more than 300 destinations in over 50 countries with more than 5000 flights daily with its subsidiaries and affiliate. So, when you want to make your reservation on Delta airline you can do it online. You can also make Delta airline reservations on phone. Delta airlines update tickets

You make your travel plan but they don’t always go as per your initial plan. In that case, whether you are booking a new flight or updating an existing reservation, you are well covered with Delta Airlines. So, you can update your ticket directly through its official website which is

How To Book Seats on Delta Airlines

When you want to book Delta airlines seats then you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of the airline which is
  • On the website, you can click on the book a trip menu.
  • Now you can choose from Round Trip, One way, or Multi City.
  • Now you need to choose the show price in Money or miles.
  • After that, you have to enter the required information in the given fields.
  • You need to enter From, To, Dates, Passengers details.
  • Now you can choose to search either by best fares or by fare class.
  • After that, you can click on ‘Find Flights’. Now you will have a list of flights in front of you.
  • You can choose your favorite flight and then book your Delta airlines seats.

Delta Airlines Tickets Fare and Prices Info

You can purchase your Delta airline fare tickets instantly by using a credit/debit card at its official website when your credit/debit card bill is received in any of the countries and territories where it is received.

You can complete your online booking at Once you do this you will be contacted by a Delta representative to finalize the transaction if you receive your credit card bill in the countries prescribed. For some reservations, you may have to come into one of the ticket office locations of the airline to make payment.

In case you receive your credit or debit card bill in another country, then you need to contact one of the ticket office locations or a travel agent to purchase your ticket.

Delta Airlines Flight Ticket Cancellation

As part of the customer commitment from Delta Airline, you can get a refund for most eTickets which you purchased directly through Delta. In such cases, you are not required to make a call.

Once you have bought a qualifying eTicket, you get a day to cancel it. You can cancel it for any reason and receive a full refund. This includes any prepaid fees and Direct Ticketing Charges, with no cancellation fee.

It works like this:

1. You can use your name and flight confirmation number to search for your itinerary. After that, you can cancel your eTicket. You will get the refund automatically applied to your original form of payment.

2. In case you purchased your eTicket at a Delta ticket office or airport ticket counter, then you can email your receipt number which begins with 006 for a refund of the Direct Ticketing Charge.

Delta Airlines Ticket Change: How To Change Ticket Online

Being such a big company and catering to such a large number of people across countries on a daily basis Delta Airlines allows you to change tickets when you have to. Based on the fare rules, you may have to pay a service fee and/or a difference in fare.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to get a refund for the flight?

If you have canceled the flight of Delta Airlines and now looking for a flight refund then you can easily get the flight refund in a week or more than seven working days.

How to check the flight refund status of Delta Airlines?

As you apply for the flight refund and still have not received it then you can check it online. For checking the flight status, you can go to the airline website and then tap on the ‘manage booking’ section. Now tap on the flight refund option and enter your booking number.

How to process the flight refund on call or by mail?

If you are looking for the flight refund offline then you can call on the airline helpline number and request the airline staff to process the flight refund. You can even drop an email on the website of the airline to process the refund.

How to refund the flight ticket at the airline office?

To get the flight refund offline, you can visit the ticket office. Usually, for offline tickets, you can go to the airline ticket counter.

Is it possible to get a refund for the non-refundable ticket?

You can’t cancel the non-refundable flight.

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