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Our today’s discussion is all about the issues related to your printing as well as scanning. In conjunction with the issues, we will also be discussing their troubleshooting methods. At the end, we will tell you about a key which is powerful enough to solve every single problem related to your Epson Printer. Just invest few minutes with Epson Printer Technical Support Number and be the master of your printing machine.

Epson Printer Issues

  • How to align the print head by accessing control panel/computer utility?
  • How to uplift the printing speed of an Epson printer?
  • Why Epson printer is not printing any doc file?
  • Why printed texts and photos look lousy?
  • How to Install an Epson Printer?
  • How to align the print head in Epson printer?
  • How to align the print head by accessing the control panel section?
  • Can I print if my printer is running out of ink?
  • How to download Epson printer driver and installer?
  • How can I deal with the paper jam in Epson printer?

How to setup drivers in Epson Printer?

Download Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility and install it. For configuring the drivers, your printer has to be connected with a wireless connection or with an Ethernet connection. Go to the Epson support main page if the connection is on. Now you need to select your printer model along with the manuals. Click [Start Here] to start the configuration. To move with it, you need to select the [Printer Registration]. Select the [Ok] button when the [Register a printer to Epson Connect] message appears. Fill out the Create an Epson Connect Account form if you are creating a new account. You need to select [I already have an account] if you are trying to register a new product with an existing account.

How to install an Epson Printer?

Connect your printing machine with your computer. Do it after turning on the All-In-One. A notification box will appear at the bottom of the system tray. It will tell you that a new device is found. Click on the [Start] button along with the [Devices and Printers]. The list of installed printers will appear on your screen. Your job is to right-click on the Epson Printer. If you make a left-click on the [Properties] option, the [Update to Latest Version] will appear. To check for the latest driver, the software will now go online. If the result is affirmative, a screen will appear informing you that a new driver has been found. Your driver download will start now; click [Ok] to continue. Epson Printer Customer Support now requests you to ensure the correct printer name is displayed and accept the license agreement to continue the installation process. Here you will be prompted to define your geographical location. You will get the desired message as the installation is complete after few minutes.

Epson Scanner Issues

  1. Epson scanner is not scanning
  2. The Epson scanner is not getting recognized by Mac computer
  3. I am unable to start scanning by pressing the scanner button
  4. How do I scan using the thumbnail preview?
  5. Scanning software is not working properly
  6. How can I scan 2 images at a time?
  7. I don’t know how to start scanning in Epson printer
  8. Is it possible for me to scan in full auto mode?
  9. Epson scanner is taking too much time in scanning the PDFs
  10. Why images are getting rotated incorrectly

Support and Services for Epson Printer

The Epson management has elected an after-sales team which is filled with the best technical minds of the technical world. It is continuously assisting the printing machine users in resolving their printing and scanning problems. In order to do that with optimum accuracy, the Epson Printer Technical Support has launched a helpline phone number. Even though it is unable to believe, you can solve all your technical issues via this helpline number.

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