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How do I reach a support person on Facebook?

Social media has become a new rage among users after the introduction of Facebook. It is a popular social media application that allows users to share posts, videos, and pictures with their family and friends. Further, to make this application user-friendly, the users are offered with exciting features within the application.

Indeed, the services offered by Facebook are the finest but, some users have reported issues while using the application. So, to help out the users, in such situations, the users are offered with a Facebook live person service that one can opt for resolving Facebook issues.

Talk to a Human at Facebook:

1. Dial (650) 543-4800 best Facebook customer service toll-free number.
2. Press "#" and Say "Speak to live person."
3. Follow the OC-call prompts.
4. Now, Speak to the human on Facebook for your queries.

Services Offered by a Live Person at Facebook 

For the users who are not aware of the live person service of Facebook, it is a support service launched by Facebook where users can seek assistance for resolving issues 24X7. Further, to help users get a clear idea about the services offered by a live person, they check out the services listed down.

  • Resolving Facebook login issues
  • Assistance for recovering Facebook account
  • Help for creating group and business page
  • Assistance for changing general and security settings

Contacting Live Person at Facebook Support

For contacting a live person at Facebook, the user can either dial the toll-free number or opt for email assistance and quickly resolve Facebook issues in time and enjoy its services without any issues.

Here’s How to Get In touch with a Person at Facebook?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms has always made easier for us to communicate with the world effortlessly. This in-famous social media platform has not only overhauled the ways for social interaction but also has empowered business and marketing techniques.

Facebook offers an array of services and modern features to ensure digital productivity and social interactions. However, there are times when users look for talking to a Facebook live person to get assistance regarding various services, account recovery, and other issues. Therefore, read further to know how to contact a live person on Facebook via phone number.

Steps to contact a person at Facebook via OC-Call prompts

So, at first, you’ll need to dial the Facebook support number (650) 543-4800 and then follow the OC-call prompts to talk to a live person.

  1. Press 2 for law enforcement
  2. Press 3 for business development and advertising
  3. Press 4 for marketing
  4. Press 5 for press/editorial issues
  5. Press 6 for employee verification
  6. Press 7 to get help with a representative about the issue regarding your Facebook account
  7. Press # to speak to a Facebook live person(operator) regarding any issue

Therefore, this was all about how to talk to a Facebook live person. Moreover, you can also use email support to get in touch with the live person.

How do I report something that is not working on Facebook?

Facebook is another social media application that is used for texting, uploading pictures, or watching online videos. And the Facebook app not working or the page getting hanged is another issue faced by the users. However while logging in to the Facebook app, some of the features or apps stop working. And if you face any such similar issues, then you can report them to the tech support team of Facebook.

Steps to report Facebook not working

  1. If any of your Facebook features are not working then you can easily report it to the immediately. In case if any of the pages or account is not working then report it on the support section. Log in to the Facebook account and tap on the settings section. Now tap on the help and support section and follow the online steps to report the error.

  2. In case you feel that someone has hacked your account or shared any abusive content then you can report it against the privacy settings of the Facebook account. The technical team will report to your problem immediately.

  3. If you want to give feedback or recommendation to Facebook related to any of the policies then do it on the help center. The help center feature is available 24x7 on the Facebook setting section and cooperates with the users.

With the help of the following tips, you can easily make reporting a problem with Facebook.

How can you get the help of customer experts on Facebook for business queries?

  • The first step is to go to the Facebook page and then go to the business page.
  • You will find many options on the business page of Facebook. You can choose one from all.
  • This will open a new web page where you will have to proceed with the online instructions. 

If you still have the issues, then you can directly go to the contact us page and get assistance from the Facebook customer care experts by calling on the helpline number. They will provide you with the best Facebook business customer service. They will help you out to come out of the issues troubling you. 

How can I send an email to Facebook?

  1. The first step is to start the email application and go to Facebook help email option.
  2. Then, you will have to open the email message that you would like to send to Facebook and then click on the “Forward” option.
  3. You will now have to type the address in the “To” field: username@facebook.com.
  4. You can replace the username in the email address with the vanity URL nickname of a Facebook user.
  5. You will have to click on the “Send option in your email application. Then, your email will be sent to Facebook. 

Complain about something on Facebook

  1. You will have to first navigate to the content that you want to complain about on Facebook. Now, click on the “options” link below and then select the “Report” option.
  2. You will have to select the options that match your complaint.
  3. Then, you will have to follow the on-screen instructions as requested so that you can complete the complaint process.
  4. At last, you will have to navigate to how you can report things page f you can’t find the options link near to your content for which you want to complain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to a live person at Facebook?

The best and fast way to talk to Facebook Customer Service live person is by dialing the phone number "(650) 543-4800" to skip the Hold Time and get help with account recovery, login errors, and Facebook Business support.

Is there any Facebook live chat?

If you are stuck in any kind of problem related to Facebook, then you can contact the support team f Facebook. Although there is no direct way of contacting the support team, you can report the problem and follow up on the screen.

How does Facebook live chat works? 

As of now, there is no live chat service on Facebook. For any doubt or problem, you can report the issue. But if you need any professional assistance then you can open the help center page of Facebook and report your issues there.

How to report a problem related to the Facebook account?

To report any illicit act or any bug in your account, go to the settings option and open the help center option. Here you can select the type of doubt you have and follow the online instructions to select the type of problem you are facing from the FAQ section. If you face any kind of harassment, you can also report it.

How to contact Facebook if the account is locked?

If your account is being locked, the first thing you can do is recover the lost password with the help of account recovery steps; otherwise, to get assistance from the expert, call on the toll-free number (650) 543-4800.

Is there any 24x7 Facebook customer service? 

There is no Facebook contact number through which you can call the support team 24x7.

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Kevin Haage
My Facebook account has been hacked and now I can't get into my account the people that have hacked me have been contacting my Facebook friends trying to do a scam can you please help me get my account back
James W Rosbrugh
In March, my account was hacked and misused. I was "banned" from Facebook. I have done all I can to clear my name and return. In attempting to establish a "new" account, as soon as I get to my name and/or phone number, I am asked to submit a "proof if identity" to include photo and SSAN. Why?
Mary McAdams
I was hacked about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I created a new page on Facebook was able to connect to friends to explain what had happened. By the end of that day, my account was and still remains in review status. I am wondering how long this will take. I am able to get notification when friends post.
Tonya Strawder
Please unlock my facebook account please
Chelsea Nehring
My facebook got hackrd need help getting it back email was changed too so cant get into at all and its now disabled
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I register new page for small online shop Одличен избор. New mail for this acount was izbor@mail.com But this new page in on my personal facebook page Dragan Jankoski. Can you help me how to solve this problem. I don't like my page for company to be together on my personal facebook page. Thanks
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I need help to go on my old facebook account because it is connected to a gmail account and icloud email and it won't let me get into it
Shirley Jo Hodges Melton
I was trying to hide my birth year on profile,I mistakenly put 2021 as the year,which totally was a wrong thing to do because,Facebook immediately disabled my account,Stating I violated the terms of service. I did not,I made a mistake.my birth year is ,1947, I am 73 years. My DL photo was sent ! I
Mike Moroni
Do you have lock me out on Facebook I need help just because I change my year I was born on accident
Catherine Lewis
I have a Facebook account and I forgot my password. I chose the option I forgot my password several times now and Facebook still hasn’t send me a 6 digit code. So I cannot access my account please help. Because I’ve tried so many times to get a code I think Facebook has restrictions. please help
Marie Vieira
My locked out of my account which is SilvrBenz03@aol.com I need to give you my phone # which is 209204-9553 for you to send me code to unlock the account. I would appreciate a respond to help me with this matter . thank you
Nicholas Schuurman
I need help logging into my old Facebook account please help me
Rick Wood
Facebook says my account has been disabled ??? Can't find reason and can't contact live support ????
Steven Sanders
After being locked out of Facebook for months, Facebook sent "apology" messages, stating "they got it wrong, etc." Yesterday I posted a reasonable post about Covid-19 and within seconds was "locked out" once again. I wish to delete and my Facebook account and all legal relationships with Facebook.
Parvesh Babu
My account was not open please remember my account please help me
Diane Catanaoan
Pls recover my account
Nagarajan Nagarajan
My Facebook account hide I search but not working
Sasha Lea
My name is Sasha Lea date of birth 11/29/1990. My Facebook account was disabled almost 2 weeks ago. I have tried resetting my password but when it comes to sending that 6 digit code to my phone it doesnt send. It says I have so many days left & I dont want to lose my pictures of my kids growing up.
Ilyas Ismail
A girl on Facebook messenger is bribing me to pay her 500 US dollars or she’s posting a video to my friends and family I need it stopped please thank you it’s making me suicidal
Ron Ash
Please unlock my account
Russell Gabel
My Facebook account was hacked everything changed tried to create new accounts but each time after account created Facebook wants government photo,I’d of my birthdate, how long does it take to review and why the person who stole my account is allowed to keep it
Khawar Malik
Hello Sir, my Facebook group has been disabled for a long time, which is why we tried so hard to open it, but we failed.plzz reopen my group This is my group link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1753447384907742/?ref=share&exp=e8c2
Kelly Chiavaro
My Facebook account has been hacked and the person who hacked it changed the email associated with the account to rebeckastensethvk@hotmail.com which means that I am unable to reset my password and therefore access my account.
Bonnie MacGregor
I was suspended today. for 24 hours. The person in the post laughed about the veteran at Capital building being shot. I had questioned him about one form of violence is okay but that violent looters and rioters destroying property should be shot on site by police.
My facebook has been locked. I have not been hacked. I made a mistake and was trying to correct it.
Hector Boscarato
Had PC serviced last week
Darrin Byers
Good morning, i need urgent help someone hacked my Facebook account and they are using it's posting pornography with my images on my face book page They have changed my information Completely pease contact this number Phone No : 07424844923 Email Giyam2000@yahoo.com Regards Gibrilla Bangura
Suman Naidu
My facebook account is disabled , unable to loging , I am missing my family and friends to connect, please help to recover my id
John Mark Franco
Good evening, Hi Facebook Team, I'm a regular user of Facebook and suddenly my account was locked and I am trying to confirm my identity to unlocked it but I can't find any option to confirm my identity. Kindly check my request ang respond to my concern as soon as possible. Thank you,
Jean Pounder
Please phone me I have been scammed on market place ,and it’s so unfair
Karyn Riess
My phone was stolen and I'm locked out of my Facebook account I don't know anything I can see myself on Facebook when I use my other Messenger account but I can't get into my Facebook or my messenger for my original account please help
I’ve been hacked and i know who is doing it there are being ignorant and got my account locked please email heavenleeneveah@gmail.com
Minno Daavi
Please 🙏 unlock my Facebook account
Fawad Mohammadi
Hi Dear i cant use my Facebook Please help me to the open my account Facebook
Dilip Nath
My name is Dilip nath.My facebook
Umar faroook Mohamed Ismail
Please help me out to open my account
Umar faroook Mohamed Ismail
Hi Umar farook Mohamed Ismail my account can't able to open already I provide my id still its take time to open my account
Md Ehsanul Faisal
Hello Facebook Team, This is My Official Facebook Account. I Used my Facebook Account From The Last 11 years. Sir I Follow Facebook Community Guidelines, Now My Facebook Account is Disabled in review. I submit Disabled Appeal I Send My Facebook Account on Review, No Response from the Facebook Team.
Courtney Job
Hi my account got hacked and apparently some nudity child abuse thing got posted from my account i got no clue what it was i tried to log in and got signed out of my account it has been disabled and i got limited days to get reviewed i was never aware of what happend and would like it reviewed
Beata Skorski
my fb account has been hacked now i cant get into my account, after I got recover email with the code, it says: you treid too many time, try again later
Liz Bawden
Hello, My FB account has been hacked. If I try to access my account my Mobile Number and Email lead to onto show a different user email. I have no access to messenger and cannot even bring up my account searching by my name.
Yugeiss Ramasamy
Someone hacked my account, and change my email addresses and contact number. How do I retrieve my account, back
Joshua Joel Ranola
My facebook account has been disabled due to an unknown cause. I'll be more than happy to provide you the details that you need for my account. Please reach me on my email.
Tahir irfan khokhar Khokhar
Hello sir I'm real user of this account. Your security system by mistake Disabled my Personal facebook account and You have disabled my account due to against Facebook Community Standards. But I'm provide you all identity with is enough to reopen my Facebook account i hope you look my appeal and ope
all my facebook pages were hacked can you please help me get back all my accounts
Jodi Roeschen
I was just restricted from making any comment on Facebook for 24 hours because a storyline related comment I made on a general hospital site was supposedly not acceptable. This is not fair, many other comments were just like mine about the same character. I’m being treated unfairly.
Jodi Roeschen
I was unfairly blocked from Facebook because a comment I made about a storyline on general hospital was deemed not ok. This isn’t fair, there are many other comments on the site just like mine.
Ravi chennaiyan
My facebook account was hacked please recover my if
zina Hassan
I can't login to my account because i have lost my Mobil number so i can't get the generator code please help
Arnelle Ashley
I would like receive help on my account that has been hacked. Someone changed my password on Monday May 24th 2021. They also created 2 emails so I don't get any notifications, can you please help me with this matter.
tanja ivanovska
i have a problem with my facebook.i forgot my password,my email isnt active anymore .can you please contact me .i try many times to log in. i am tanja ivanovska from Delchevo NORTH MACEDONIJA.My mail on facebook is tanja.ivanovska83yahoo.com.My password was ivanovski89. i am born28.06.1983.
shawntel price
I am very disappointed in Facebook at the time!!! On May 28, 2021 my facebook account locked me out with the reason that some unusual activity was detected on my account. Trying to get resolution to the problem is pretty impossible through the facebook guide since it just loops back to pointless pag
Priyantha Tissera
My phone no is 0777369718, I’m Sri Lankan, someone hacked my account and changed email address and misses my phone number there, can you recover my account
bobby shelton
I have tryed to get to help center and it wont let me on my facebook, please help
Ashley Alvarez
I don't have access to the email address linked with my account anymore and I can't get back into my facebook account so i made a new one but I would like to get back into my old account so i can get my pictures
Mohsin Raza
Hi, Facebook Team! My Facebook Account has been locked, this type of massage shows when I'm logged in to my account. please suggest to me how can I activate my account. Thanks, Regard Mohsin Raza this is my Facebook ID: mohsin.raza12364@yahoo.com
Alan Lyall
Hi apparently I made 2 comments that go against community standards can you tell me which theses were as I have no idea so I don’t make the same mistake again. Many thanks
Rittwik Das
My Facebook Account was hacked from the month of May. It also hacked my business page I tried many ways to get rid of it but none of them worked. I also reported the account as fake or hacked but facebook told that this account doesn't go out of our community standards.
Roseanne Gates
Facebook has me locked out. Can’t get into my Facebook page,
Kristen Verdin
Please help. I’ve been hacked on Facebook and can’t log into my account now
Luis Castaneda
I have my Facebook account deactivate by Facebook. I think there is a mess understanding. Please can you review it. I use my account to manage it my business account.
Conrad Atton
My Facebook page is been hacked can you pleas help me
kaylee fang
my facebook acount has been hacked he changed the password and gmail too so i cant log in pls help me
yaseen salim
Hi I cant access my facebook marketplace . Its been showing the marketplace is under review more than a month . How can 9i get access into that . pls help
Order # 475385646902385 Saddle was delivered to buyer on 5/27 and of 6/9 I have not received my money. Please help
Shelly Potesky
About 2 months ago I noticed several of my photo albums, but not all, show empty on all platforms. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache and data, etc. I have sent a help ticket 3 times. A couple of days ago, I went to find a pic in an album that WAS there last week. Now I also some missing.
Darwin Manicdo
Hi. I forgot my password and i'm trying to reset my password but i need ghe code but dont recieve it yet. Please help me to recover my faceboo. I hipe for you respond thank you
Katie South
Is there any way you can retrieve a facebook phone call?
Tabatha Smerdon
ive been hacked. they changed everything on it. and they are using a protector so i cant regain my account. please help me get my account back.
Nichole Conger
I need someone to call Me ASAP. My account has been hacked and its not allowing me to recover. Want my ID. I dont feel comfortable doing that. However, I tried and it still dont take it. I need this resolved ASAP!!
Crystal Marshall
Help my FB has been hacked, can't login or change info or get help on the phone, send me an email to crysta_28@hotmail.ca
kartikey verma
please unblock my facebook acount achully by misstake send a video
Jennifer Gibson
There is someone making fake profiles of me and scamming people for money they have no profile pic
Leigh Wilson
My account had been hacked and you mob won’t even listen to me requests to get help with getting my account back Call my phone number 0423828881 im in Australia 🇦🇺 Please help me get back my hacked Facebook account please
raghvendr chaudhary
my phone number deleted in my account and i can't reset my passward ; can't login account
judith chew
i cant find my JCU account
Jeremiah Eaton
My Facebook account has been hacked. The person set up two-step authentication because when I tried to regain access to my account it asks for a code from a third party. Please let me know what I can do to regain access to my account and any steps I can take to prevent this from happening again.
Donnie Alston
My name is Donnie Alston my account has been hacked email biggmann38transporting@gmail.com
Arpit Saxena
My facebook id has been haked and now I can't get my account pepole that have my account have been contacting my friend and relative please help me get me account back
Sinisa Savic
I lost password of my email..and I change my phone number..and I cannot log into my fb account.. Can I do something else..I have proof that account is mine..
Karan Patil
My account is disabled
Razegh Abbasi
Hi Today they hacked my facebook account
Johnny Walker
My name is Johnny Walker my brother made a fake Facebook using my name and I can't have a Facebook page cause I'm a registered sex offender I went to the police station and file a report could you please deactivate my page he made
Siani Williams
I have a new phone number and email but it won’t let me log back into my Facebook account can you help me reset it
Parwat Ghimire
My account has been hacked please Give me my account back i know its old password also
Wendy Ingram
I need help with my facebook account it has been hacked they have changed my email address and phone number so I can't recover it. However I have very important pictures, letters and other non-replacable info on it so I need to speak to someone at facebook that can recover it for me another way.
Harshit Awasthi
Hi sir, my FB account got hacked. Please resolve my problem, my data is very important for me, reply me as soon as possible.
olufunmilola alogba
on 9th April 2021 my facebook account was hacked and now i can't get into my account. The people that hacked my account changed the phone number, email and the recovery mails and they have been contacting my facebook friends trying to do a scam. Can you please help me get my account back.
Secret Secret
I can't change my facebook page name but I am so sure that I never violate any guidelines. My page is a distributor business page so I am supposed to have a similar name from the official one
gianni orassie
post problem from someone esles
Tamara Forbes
I have been hacked on Facebook I cannot use Facebook log in I can't change my word it cants change my email to change my password. I use my phone number to find the right email and facebook nothing happen.
Mohd Sudais afridi
I have lost my account 😖 please help me my account name is mohd sudais afridi
Silah Oswald
My name is silah oswald. ... my fb login problem. .. I didn't receive any code on my mobile number whenever my number is correct plz help me what should I do
Harendra Jaat
My account is not show and my number otp not coming
Ain Azreen
My facebook can make live because get banned. i want to know details why i got banned ?
Sandeep Vishwkrma
My facebook account being disable
Sahil khA Khan
My account has been locked plz unlock my account its my humble request my personal data and my game connected with this account plz unlock my account
Divinity Styles
Hi my name is divine, plz I lost my phone and sim and am unable to login my Facebook account with the number i used and the password and the Gmail I used. Plz I created a business page and I will really like it if you guys can help me login into my account using just my name, divinity styles
Jack Aldam
my account has been blocked 30 days for ' harassment /bullying when I was responding to a comment made insinuating I had mental health issues which I do. the person in question( Jon Taylor ) then started a poll to not only have me removed from facebook but also from the island on which we both live
md feroj
Please unlock my fecbook account please
Shirley Pande
Pls contact me regarding my fb account is locked. Pls unlock my account. Kind regards Shirley Pande shel_12_rose@hotmail.com 0434636580
Ruby Hertz
Every 2nd time I try to log in I'm told my password is incorrect. You send me a new password it works that day. The next day I'm told again it is invalid. I'm completely fed up.
John Basto
I sent a photo of my driver license and so when can I access my Facebook because I no long live the address of 3028 Santa Fe ave Long Beach ca 90810.
shabnam jamshidi
l was locked out of my facebook for unknown,l reported to facebook l got no answer so today l tried to log in but there was a message that my facebook was disabled and they can’t review the decision because too many days passed! please help me to get my page back thanks
Muhammad saqib
My Facebook account have been hacked. The hacker have change their information. But i have proof of my Id and i request to you please help me
Bernie A Wishinski
I need to unlocked from marketplace been over a month now thank you
Thomas Barber
Can some one contact me urgently to discuss one of your Facebook member who posted things about my wife and I that is causing great distress. Regards Thomas Barber
Anmol Darji
My personal Facebook account was disabled please help me
Patricia Quintanilla
I can't log into Facebook anymore and believe my account has been hacked. I used to log into Facebook every 3 months only and now I can't log in at all. I have no access to the email and never added a phone# to my account so I have no avenue to get back in. Facebook, I need your help to get back on
Becka Jane New
Hi I would like my Facebook back on please been disabled I don't have the contact number on the account no more it's asking for code help me
Emmanuel Siameh
I can't log into my Facebook account, after reseting my password, I was told to enter the code, but that code was never sent to my phone number nor the email. Please help me out.
Jeannie Harrison
It wont allow me to reset my password to get into myfacebook account. urgent.very urgent
Robert Hurst
My name is Robert Hurst..email.hotsteal65265@gmail.com..573-721-8141 you block my way pass away all the info is on face book.. please..thank you
Nikki Kovac
My Facebook page was locked out for no reason! I had to make a new fb & I just would really like my old one back!!! I have my business page hooked to this account!
James Kuyon
You need to have a provision that will allow someone text Facebook about your your one-sided determination as to why an account was suspended or made inactive due to your interpretation of standards violations. Your provision is one sided. Are you afraid to face the truth by discussing the situation
My marketplace got strucked And it has no violations. I applied for review till today no response
Raquel Aluisy
My FB has been hacked. I cannot log in with my cell phone number or any of my email addresses. The new email associated my account is not mine so he’s changed everything.
Alex Trimble
I cant remember my email or phone number I used for my Facebook account n now I cant get into my Facebook account
Vernon Glass
My Facebook account was hacked yesterday and now they're trying to hack others from my account along with having my identification card I've been trying to hit the page with Fraud but for some reason ya'll still believe it's me I've made a second account to try to warn others about it but the
Donna Ricker
I was apparently hacked and now I’m unable to log on my account. I was finally able to change my password but now I need to enter the log on code which I’ve never received. I asked for it several times and still haven’t gotten it. Please assist.
Moira King
I was locked out of my Facebook on 5 June and I have no reason why. Email notifications from Facebook inform me about family notifications BUT I can't get in to my account. It Is LOCKED.
Mar,yn Banks
I have a new phone number my account number was 079511336067 Gmail doreenenid28@gmail .com as new number is different I can't get my old face book account back please help me marlyn banks my new number is 07960120131 and Gmail. Is the same doreenenid28@gmai..com
Lourdes Deleon Guerrero
I can’t access my account. I don’t have access to the phone number associated with the account anymore. Please help
jeremy Mcghee
Hello wanting to know why my fb page is not working
LeRoyce James
Joanne Bowmaker
Hi when I write on market place my writing Is white can you help please
Yvette Nealey
I am locked out of my account and it’s disappeared. Please I need help with this issue I am missing out on important information. Can’t retrieve code to bring page back up ..
My photo was posted by a scammer woman in her timeline and mocking me..what are the possible solution for this? I reported it already but facebook reply it doesnt goes against their community standard..but that scammer is humilating and degrading me..
manipava8@gmail.com manipava8@gmail.com
Hello sir/Madam your security system has been locked my real facebook account now i am sending my real proof please sir review it and reopen my real facebook account.
Carrie Jackson
Someone has hacked my Facebook account. They apparently know the procedures because they have changed the email address the codes are being sent to a different email address. I need assistance asap. Thank you.
Kandace Schroeder
I have been hacked and cannot gain access to my account. I managed to change the password by using the code that gets sent to my email but it won’t let me sign into Facebook unless I submit a 6 digit code from the code generator. But I do not have access to my account to get this code.
Rafael John Cruz
Good Day Facebook, I am requesting to re-enable my account disabled by Facebook due to unknown reasons and I only have 2 days left before it will be permanently disabled. If you cannot let me enable it at least let me get my pictures and videos, memories since i june 2009. thank you.
Kumar Amar
Hello Team Long back I create facebook account using the email ID kum_amar@rediffmail.com. However I didnt use it. I still receive notification for the facebook account kum_amar@rediffmail.com but dont open the account as such. Kindly de-activate and then delete it. I tried but couldnt do it.
My facbook account was disable
Angela Libero
Someone using last name and photos of my boyfriend on fb with fake name , Alexandros Hatsatourian,-this is fake so plesa ask for documents and to confirm it ! We trying by weeks u dont want to close that profile ,real profile is Alex Hatsatourian!
Munna Roy
Someone create a fake account.and using my pictures. Kindly remove this account. Kindly help me .what is the procedure.
Eu-tisha Crump
Someone went in and changed the date of birth on my account and now my account is set to be deactivated even though i sent an ID.
Monica Morsell
My Facebook was hacked and they are using it to try to scam all of my friends and family. They changed my email amd password also. How do I get this resolved???
Linda Deangelo
I want to unlock my Facebook account. No one tried to hack it.it was me using another notebook.
Michael Devine
Hi I’m Michael Devine. I live in Pittsburgh Pa. My account was hacked. They changed my login email and removed my phone number so I can’t log back in. My contact email is zomboco@aol.com. Can you please help. I have several pages attached to it. Thanks.
Brady Ferguson
Hello, Facebook seems to have logged me out of my account this morning and now I'm not able to get back in. I do not know the current password and have tried multiple times at different time throughout the day to try and recover a password but I'm having no luck.
Youssef Sadek
My account has been disabled and Whatsapp
Aurangzeb Khan
I mistakenly changed name of my business page and its verified by facebook, now i am unable to reset the that name. Its showing me error
MD Hafizur Rahman
First my facebook account has beeb bolcked for 72 hour to break community standards then the next Facebook wanted my personal Detail. I given my all real data their.. I give my national id card.. So reply me facebook received my information and reply me that we maybe unable to review your account.
Jessica Pearce
I can’t access my Instagram as I forgot the password and my phone numbers aren’t the same
Payel Banerjee
I cannot access marketplace and my group last 9 days...please help me.. Immediately answer to me please..
Rashmi Harit
Plsa contact number 9811144156 Urgent
Mary McFadden
Someone changed my information to get into Facebook. I was scammed now they are contacting my friends trying to scam them. I have sent dozen of emails to support explaining th
Penny Nestler
My account was hacked and I now can’t get in. I have several marketplace listings that I can’t do anything with now. I cannot remember my log in details.
Sam godfrey
cant get into my account
Satpal Yadav
My Facebook account locked please unlocked my Facebook account.
Zechariah Go
My Facebook account Disabled. I am requesting a code to send to my phone number but it didn't sent after I request the message I requested too much code and that I should wait 24 hours to request again but until now after 2 days have passed I still the same message please help
Someone has made another Facebook impersonating me and I need ed to stop They should not be allowed to have someone manipulate other people that way
My Account was hacked and I cant log in into it
Genryx Naviel
Hello please help us , my Genryx Naviel fb account was hack lastnight and the email was change now i can't get into my Facebook account.. please help me to recover..
Joshua Figueroa
Why my facebook is disabled i cant access please dont disabled my account i need that for my school
Jason Anzai
I've been banned for 30 days. The 30 days has passed and my account is still blocked. How can i fix this.
Brian Hay
hi my account was hacked and my settings were changed to allow anyone to contact me,i had it at friends only then i received abuse and she posted lies on facebook about me and my cats,i have been to a lawyer and reported her to the police twice now,her name is kristina benedetto
Mary McFadden
Someone changed my information to get into Facebook. I was scammed now they are contacting my friends trying to scam them. I have sent dozen of emails to support explaining th
Anna Marie Zupancic
Need help. I’m locked out of Facebook and for them to send code it is to wrong email address.
anthony cino
i trying to get my fb back i sent my id and i havent heard nothing yet
kenneth hall
my facebook account was blocked several months ago i dont know why and i cant contact anyone to get the situation resolved and be able to access my account again
Dijana Ilievska Gjorev
My Facebook account was hacked and and all options to reconnected are changed.. Other email address is coming and I don't receive code on my mobile number 0038970309939. I was using my account more then 10 years with user name Dijana Ilievska Gjorev and email dijana78london@yahoo.com....please help
Reaz Mahmud Chowdhury
Dear Facebook, Recently My Facebook account has been locked. It wants my previous phone number which I had in my account. But I don’t have access to my previous number anymore. Please give me the Code option by my new alternate phone number. You can check my Malaysian number is disabled now. The num
Vishnu I S
I have to recover my disable account in facebook
Narcisa Fernandez
I can't log in my own Facebook account. keep on receiving error "You have tried entering too many codes" Please try again"
Tyesha R
You let someone hack my account and now I can’t access it. You need to retrieve my account now. Your stupid company sent me an email stating someone tried to hack my account, I confirmed via email that it was not me making changes and you allowed the person to make changes anyway. Fix my account now
Mary McFadden
Someone changed my information to get into Facebook. I was scammed now they are contacting my friends trying to scam them. I have sent dozen of emails to support explaining th
Melissa Borodzik
My Facebook account was hacked and possibly deleted. Customer service said it would cost $120 to get it back. That is absurd and raises many red flags. Why on earth does recovering an account cost so much and especially for something I had no control over???
Andrew Grove
my account was hacked. i want it back
Melissa Borodzik
My Facebook account was hacked and possibly deleted. Customer service said it would cost $120 to get it back. That is absurd and raises many red flags. Why on earth does recovering an account cost so much and especially for something I had no control over???
Andrew Grove
my account was hacked. i want it back
Rui Figueiredo
I think my Facebook account has been hacked. When I go to reset the password, I do not recognize the email account being displayed. Help!
Andrew Grove
I want my account back
myat chae
Dear facebook team, I am contacting you because I am not able to boost my post on my page. I am the admin of the page and the page name is Burmese Yogaguide- online education platform and we provide yoga lessons and language lessons . There is no violence in my page and we have 5 out of 5 reviews.
John Mikhail
My Facebook is been hacked and can't get it back
Tim Swyear
For some reason i can't get on face book i think some one got on my page and change my password I cant do butting
Deborah Lamb
How can I unblock my account
Gary Mccarthy
I can't get in to my account because I don't have access to the number for the two way authentication
Jane Bode
My money is being deducted unnecessarily even after I paused and deleted the ad on my Facebook page.
Nitin Bhairee
My facebook account is block pls kindly unblock my account pls team because my important contact on that account pls
Amelia Cruz
I forgot my Facebook password and I no longer have the same email .. how can I reset my password?
Mikayla Candelario
Someone has hacked and got into my account and changed all the info so I can’t log in.
love heart
God bless. I cannot access my facebook account. Please help me.
Tammie Cook
My name is Tammie Cook and My Facebook was hacked and my email address was changed. Facebook is the one who informed me of the hacked but when I click the link to lock my account it says that it has expired. Please help me to get back into my account.
Andy Buteau
I started a facebook account and was the sole admin. I archived it and now someone else has taken and reopened it. Could I please get a call back on this. Thanks Andy
Someone is trying to log in in my account I close it so no one can do it but the person is still tying to log in my phone.number is 2089707485 ease call me
Kelly Boucher
How do I report someone who has me blocked but told me and mutual friends also have told me he has been posting private things about me and documents court documents (we are divorcing )and slander help please some of these things he is posting are very sensitive and private things that occurred i
Ann DiFiglia
Facebook is not posting my posts. I am posting but none show up.
Christine Romero
Fill out form for name change is not working
Phil Myer
Account hacked need help
Luke Couchman
My account has been hacked, passwords, phone number and email address has been changed. I have submitted my driving license but has come back as this is not a correct form of I’d and I need to submit another. I would believe this is adequate as it has my name, address and photo.
Patrick Mcintosh
My account has been hacked,,and I,ve tried everything but still can,t gain access! Please help!
Jennifer Preusser
Fb hacked and I cant get into anything. Plz help me
Lorraine Coughlan
Donnie OMalley
Can anyone help regain access to a Facebook account, even if the hacker changed both the phone number and email address originally listed on the account. It would be greatly appreciated! My cell number is 405-626-7606 and email address is robby16111@yahoo.com.
Joel Noma
Good Day JOEL MITRA NOMA is my Facebook account name has been hack last month ( June 2021) I cannot open my account due to code generator need.. I try to retrieve my account using a different way but I fail. I'm begging to Facebook Team to help me to get back my account. Thank you in advance.
Jacquelyn Cook
My friend’s page has been hacked Her name is Cathy Smith-Lee. On her page the name Peter Smith-Lee. He even has pictures on her page. What has happened herr?
Melissa Koucheky
I’ve sent my ID in 2 times to verify my account to unlock it and I haven’t heard anything back. Can you please verify my ID so I can use my account again? It was locked on June 20th 2021.
Novelyn Dela riarte
my facebook account was been hacked please help me to recover. this is my email address mzvhera_alone19@yahoo.com my contact number is +639757128798 , im from philippines
Gurattan chahal Chahal
Hi there, Actually I forgot my password and I tried to reset my password. When ever i click on reset password option it ask for my user id and i fill my id there and its asking me to enter my password to login not giving any option to reset my password.
Carol Tay Gui Ying
My facebook has been haked by someone. My email address also unable to log in (been not updated since years) and email address was blocked also. please help me to change the password on my facebook which i can easy access back.
Jackie Kido
Have been hacked Cannot access or log onto account Hacker has added some type of code generator blocking me from accessing my account I have send my license thru the authentication process but still nothing from you
Summer Kelley
i need to speak to a live person
Erica Brackin
My Facebook just got hacked and I’m so mad because my last name on Facebook is my soon to be married name but I don’t have any proof of Id with my soon to be married name since we aren’t married yet. My drivers license still shows my maiden name on it and Facebook is not approving it. Idk what to do
Please delete this Facebook account KIM HEART PERALTA someone hacked my account. so please delete this now. thankyou
Mbona Denis
My account was locked on 1st July 2021 till now i cant access my account please help me to access my account thanks
Wani nahid wani Wani nahid wani
My personal account was suspended plz my request accept
Joel Noma
My Fb account was locked which is joelnoma0314@gmail.com. I will give my phone number +639555822741 to FB support team to send me the code to unlock my account. I would appreciate a respond to help me in this matter.. thanks
Dana Spencer
My account has been hacked i cant log in. Shows my email and phone number but also shows a diff email and phone number. Tried to reset pw but it won't send 6 digit code to my email or phone.
sufyan mughal
please please unblock my account please please unblock 00923097830301please please unblock my account please please unblock my all family members friends please unblock my account please please unblock
Sarah Barlow
My Facebook account has been hacked. They changed my password and email. How can I recover my account
Connie Johnson
My account seems to be hacked another email address is indicated that’s not mine. So I cannot login. What can I do?
Sarah Barlow
My Facebook account has been hacked. They changed my password and email. How can I recover my account
Shakina Boyd
My account has been hacked. They changed my email and all this is some bs. Especially when you can’t call n talk to no F**king body
James Morse
My Facebook messenger won't let me send messages won't let me send money through messenger please fix ASAP
Jeff Tollivision
Could not be more disgusted with Facebook on the petty reasons you have suspended me for. This is not communist China. I hope one day you receive the same treatment you have given me. You should be ashamed of your sickening alleged Community standards which are a joke.
Ralph Saathoff
I would like to know why my account is locked up over a picture from the movie water boy but yet I have found that same picture posted by someone else which I reported and received an answer of it doesn’t not go against FB community standards. How is that possible.
Kasun Madushanka
I have upgraded my "The Great 9" page. But when i go for live streaming, viewers still cannot see star donation link.. Please help me to solve this issue.. Thanks
Vincent Danquah
My account with name Okyeame Kwame Antiri has been hacked just about 30 minutes ago
Shaista Mehjabeen
My fb account locked there show me login error please recover my account please
Sarah Barlow
My Facebook account has been hacked. They changed my password and email. How can I recover my account
Nicole Steenson
My Facebook was hacked at 10:34 on 07/08/2021. The hacker changed my my phone number added a hotmail email address and then changed my password. When i request a code to reset my password it not only gets sent to my email but also the hackers. its very fustrating to not be able to get the help.
Brandon Swarts
My Facebook account has been hacked and taken over they have changed the emails and are contacting all my people doing scams How do I get my account shut down or back
Ashton Cole
Hi my FB was hacked & they went into my gaming profile put themselves as an admin & my admin was able to get in remove them & block them but my personal acct is still not allowing me in. I have done the 2 step verification but it will send me the code but will not allow me to enter the code anywhere
Lucky Ehimen
Please, my wife forgot the info she use to open her facebook account and she was unable to login into her account. Her name is ehis iyere. Please what we i do as her housand to get her facebook account back.
Marlyn Lawrence
I am locked out of my account by the security dept. - I changed my password on another computer and then forgot I did it - when on my new computer and asked the next day if I was the one who did this I said I did not - I am old and forget easily - I want to get back on - I don't know my ID either
Doris Lee
My Facebook account has been hacked and now I can't get into my account the people have hacked me have been contacting my Facebook friends trying to scam them!! Please Help
Patricis Book
I need to know why Facebook is taking money out of my checking account without my authorization
Tony Drake
My name is Tony Drake. Me email address is tdrake1967@yahoo.com Can I get someone to text me back please?
Michael Ross
I need help getting back into my page because it's been hacked
Laura Hall
I was locked out of my Facebook account and am trying to reset my password. The problem is that I no longer have access to the email. I've sent in a picture of my id and explained the reason why the info on my account and id are different. I need to get back in as my business is connected to it.
My face book acct has been hacker and now i can not into my account ,the peple been contacting all my frends trying to steal some money ,can you close my account ,thanks so much
Mary Murnik
I’ve been told that someone has hacked my account
Shelli Newman
Cannot unblock friends
Andrew Rodgers
i ve tried to resend link to unblock account yet it never comes on my email why since april ive tried to get back on facebook its not right please sort this out please
Andrew Rodgers
help me get unblocked asp
david iser
my FB was hacked i have tryied everything to get it back this person has given out pay pal accont to give 75
Sarah Barlow
My Facebook account has been hacked. They changed my password and email. How can I recover my account
Samuel Kelly
You just suspended my account for going against your community standards and I'm wondering where that is after saying trump separated Mexican families the same way Hitler did the only thing missing was the gas Chambers it's truth and since you suspended me for that you better suspend the person I wa
Samuel Kelly
Why was I suspended for 24 hours for posting that trump separated Mexican families like Hitler did with jews only thing missing was the gas Chambers that shouldn't go against community standards
Huanhuan He
I can not log in to my account on my new phone, the QQ email verification can't be accessed, and two of my friends gave me a code, could you please help me to unlock my account
Lovely Prince
i have forgotten my password otp is not coming
farrah Askenback
i have two accounts and i am locked from one account. I also forgot the password to that account. both accounts are link to the same email.
J Davis
I've been trying to get face book to delete the page of a 9 year old girl that has a Facebook page some how she has some how got her age as being 13 but she is only 9 born Oct. 2012 but no one is really investigating her how do I get some one to check her profile her name is Zoey mcgueen ty
Dae Chapin
My fb account Dae Toll Chapin was hacked and has disappeared now. Hackers changed my password, phone number AND email account! Hackers changed my email to m**************c@hotmail.com= NOT ME! I can call and text on my phone 919-413-7908. My email: daesdreams@aol.com. please help!
salar mustafa
hi dear facebook i forgot my password and i los my phone number and email please help me
salar mustafa
who is in here?
Mike Oconnell
Unable to see toolbar on all Facebook pages.
Mohamed Elaskndrany
I have a problem with opening my account on Facebook and I lost my phone so can't get the cod
Jane Micheller
RE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Industrial-Company/Micheller-Son-Hydraulics-Inc-189307287777301/ How do I get access to company website due to change of ownership. Someone has posted the company is "Permanently Closed" which is not true. Can you assist this. Thank you Jane Micheller
Mary McFadden
Someone changed my information to get into Facebook. I was scammed now they are contacting my friends trying to scam them. I have sent dozen of emails to support explaining th
Anna S
Am unable to do a Welcome Post in the Facebook group where I am the admin, despite the fact that I opted in to the new changes.
Ashley Powell
I need help with my Facebook account. Someone hacked into my account and now scamming my friends and family for their money. Can someone please help me
Traci Cox
My facebook account was hacked and the hacker changed the email to their hotmail address and changed my password. The email now associated with my account is a hotmail and I do not have a hotmail account. Please let me know how to change back to my email and create a new password. Thanks
Joe Kader
Hello a while back I changed my email also had a 2nd back up one only to find out that my email wasn’t able to log in as forgot password 2nd email via msn don’t work anymore so can’t get access also have a new number please help as I have all my family on there and they live in Egypt am in the uk
Joy Melot
I put the wrong password when trying to log in, to my facebook account. I've tried contacting facebook. But, not once have they responded.i want my facebook account unlocked. PLEASE UNLICK MY FAVMCEBOOK ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!
Desiree Gibbons
Can someone please help as I have been struggling for over 4 months now and can't get my business account to work correctly with Facebook. This is my no +27 823264730 or if I can talk to you via chat I would appreciate it. kind regards Desiree
Ronel Montallana
Hello, I want to recover my old account 6 years ago. i forgot my password, no alternative emai, no mboile number, forgot unsecured yahoo account. Please help me on this. 6 years im trying to recover this old account. i really need it. ronelmontallana59@yahoo.com, this is my log in email on facebook.
valerie myers green
i have been locked out of ;my FB since july 16, ive tried to recovery with the steps given, but i am still locked out.
prajwal Thakuri
Your ad account was flagged because of unusual activity. All your ads have been paused. To restart them, contact Facebook to confirm your account information.
Maureen Docherty
Hi my old phone stopped working so I put my sim card in my friend's phone for a day I logged in to Facebook using my phone number and password but I had to start again then got a new phone next day and done the same thing I am wanting I to my original account if possible
Molly Wilbanks
Please help me get into my account. I will tried everything. I've have 12 years worth of pictures, videos, and memories on this facebook
Brenda Boettcher
Facebook pay isn’t allowing me to add a card we deleted by accident
Terence Clinton
Facebook has blocked my account and I cannot appeal against it because the system is blocking me from contacting you in the 'continue' field after I press the 'confirm it's you' field.
Gill Tee
I have been locked of my fb account and no longer have access to the recovery email the code to login was sent to. Please contact me asap regarding this issue.Your prompt response is appreciated.
Nur nabilah
my business account has been locked while im try to add the group. how can i get back my account
david priestly
facebook page hacked need urgent help
Janet Katola
My account has been hacked. They changed my email so that I can’t receive the code to change the password
bahroz azez
same one hack my facebook
Jennifer Bolden
I need to combine 2 business pages but i need to be the owner. The woman who created the 1st page made herself the owner and now shes created another one but says to not combine, alot of time and energy went into my 1st page and i dont want to have to do it all over again Could someone contact me.
Tiffany Ross
My Facebook has been hacked and I got my email back on there but they will not let me get back on to my account they change my phone & it won’t give me an option to put my phone number in so I can’t get back on my stuff. Please I have tried everything
Alexis Babson
I’ve been unable to access marketplace for over a month not sure what I did wrong exactly ?
Iman Fouad
I can’t change my email, nor add my mobile number, also i forgot my password!!
My Facebook account has been hacked and I can't get into my account the people that have hacked me have changed the email on my account. I can't get back into my account with my email or my phone number. When entering my email or phone number the listed is not my email.
ray cashman
Please send link for FB chat function. Thank you
Jan Denton
I have been locked out of my account and need help please Regards Jan
Shayleen Tafoya
I was hacked and cannot log back in due to two factor authentication. Need help logging in
Thomas Coleman
My Facebook account is hacked
Abigael Cabanban
Hi my husband fb account has been disable and we can access it anymore please help us resolve this issue
Joy Melot
Please I'm having problems with my facebook account. It got locked, on July 3rd. I put the wrong password in twice. And, it locked on me. Please help me. I have things in there that are not replaceable.

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