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Download, Play Napster Music; Cancel Napster Subscription

Perhaps you are addicted to Napster Music but not familiar with the downloading process. The quickest method has been presented here for your convenience. You can get Napster Music (in MP3 format) by the use of Sothink Flash Decompiler. The software, known for its low bitrate, doesn’t insist you for using any sound recording software. It also allows you to download the songs quickly. We will also be telling you a process of accessing Napster complaints and reviews.

How can I Download Napster Music with Napster Music Downloader?

Finding the songs is the first step of your song download. Just go to Napster and find the song you are willing to get downloaded. Click on the [Download] button instead of [Play]. The use of URL Helper is also suggested to you if you want to enjoy songs online. Please select the adapter where your internet is running on the URL Helper. Just click the [Play] button for the song you want to listen. To stop the song playing, you need to open the .swf file. Hence, you are supposed to select a [Stream]. It should be followed by the selection of [Sound]. Click [Export Resources] at the end. The URL Helper program will also give you the downloading links. You are suggested to make right click on the download link of a song that is needed to be downloaded. The Sothink SWF Decompiler will open after the file is downloaded.

How can I cancel my paid Napster subscription quickly?

The quickest way to cancel your Napster subscription is to access the It brings the [Cancel Subscription] button at the bottom of the account summary. Your job is to click on it. Please contact the phone carrier company if it is subscribed through this company. But yes, you need to see Apple's instructions if your subscription is through iTunes. Follow Napster customer service phone number for detailed support regarding the same. Backed by technically sound people, this number should also be followed for knowing more about complaints and reviews of Napster. There is least chance to get disappointed if you ask for any sort of help to the customer service team appointed by Napster.

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