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How can I download and use the WeChat app?

WeChat is designed, developed, and launched to assist the chat lovers. It is also useful in sending screenshots and emoji. But yes, this app does not allow you to make video chats. It is precisely designed to help you in live chat and sending data files. Not the data files, you are allowed to send any type of file through WeChat. File sending is easier for the iOS device users. In addition, it has an immensely helpful helpline, WeChat Customer Service. This helpline is open to help you day in and day out.

How to Download WeChat on iPhone?

Made available on mobile and now Windows PCs, WeChat is gradually turning into a popular free messaging service. It allows you to chat and share files. Highly responsive, WeChat Helpline Number gives you an easy and effortless way to download this application. Eventually, the tech support officials tell you the sign-up steps of this chatting app.

Chat with Friends in a Live Chat Session

The WeChat app demands an account sign up that can be done by the use of a mobile number. If you have downloaded it successfully, you are proceeded to configure it with the mobile number. A verification code will be sent to the mobile number you have entered. This code has to be entered here. Allow the app to access your contacts. Please take a photo of a QR code that appears on your screen. GrouEnter your state herep Chat QR Code is necessary for inviting a chat session. Once you go through this stage, WeChat will be ready to start a chat session. You can chat with your contacts via your desktop or mobile device. The newbie app also allows you to get notifications.

Video Call via WeChat

WeChat is designed, developed, and launched to assist the chat loving people. It is useful for text chat and file transfer. You can even send screenshots and emoji with the use of this application. Unfortunately, this app does not allow you to make video chats. In that prospect, it lacks behind than the other chatting options like Skype. Follow WeChat Customer Service Phone Number to get more information about this chatting application.

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I had changed my we chat phone number and i want to activate it.thank you
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I change my mobile number how can i register this to my wechat account?
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How can i register my new mobile number on wechat?

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