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Facebook Live Person: How Can I contact the live Person at Facebook Support

Social media has become a new rage among users after the introduction of Facebook. It is a popular social media application that allows users to share posts, videos, and pictures with their family and friends. Further, to make this application user-friendly, the users are offered with exciting features within the application.

Indeed, the services offered by Facebook are the finest but, some users have reported issues while using the application. So, to help out the users, in such situations, the users are offered with a Facebook live person service that one can opt for resolving Facebook issues.

Services Offered by a Live Person at Facebook 

For the users who are not aware of the live person service of Facebook, it is a support service launched by Facebook where users can seek assistance for resolving issues 24X7. Further, to help users get a clear idea about the services offered by a live person, they check out the services listed down.

  • Resolving Facebook login issues

  • Assistance for recovering Facebook account

  • Help for creating group and business page

  • Assistance for changing general and security settings

Contacting Live Person at Facebook Support

For contacting a live person at Facebook, the user can either dial the toll-free number or opt for email assistance and quickly resolve Facebook issues in time and enjoy its services without any issues.

Here’s How To Get In Touch With Live Person At Facebook

Facebook being one of the largest social media platforms has always made easier for us to communicate with the world effortlessly. This in-famous social media platform has not only overhauled the ways for social interaction but also has empowered business and marketing techniques.

Facebook offers an array of services and modern features to ensure digital productivity and social interactions. However, there are times when users look for talking to Facebook live person to get assistance regarding various services, account recovery and other issues. Therefore, read further to know how to contact live person at Facebook via phone number.

Steps To Contact Live Person At Facebook via OC-Call Prompts

So, at first you’ll need to dial on the Facebook helpline number 1-802-348-3644 and then follow the oc-call prompts to talk to live person.

  • Press 2 for law enforcement

  • Press 3 for business development and advertising

  • Press 4 for marketing

  • Press 5 for press/editorial issues

  • Press 6 for employee verification

  • Press 7 to speak with a representative about the issue regarding your Facebook account

  • Press 0 to speak to Facebook's corporate operator regarding any issue

Therefore, this was all about how to talk to Facebook live person. Moreover, you can also use the email support to get in touch with the live person.

How do I report something that is not working on Facebook?

Facebook is another social media application that is used for texting, uploading pictures or watching online videos. And Facebook app not working or page getting hanged is another issue faced by the users. However while logging in the Facebook app, some of the features or apps stop working. And if you face any such similar issues, then you can report it to the tech support team of Facebook.

Steps to report Facebook not working

  • If any of your Facebook features are not working then you can easily report it to the immediately. In case if any of the pages or account is not working then report it on the support section. Log in to the Facebook account and tap on the settings section. Now tap on the help and support section and follow the online steps to report the error.

  • In case you feel that someone has hacked your account or shared any abusive content then you can report it against the privacy settings of the Facebook account. The technical team will report to your problem immediately.

  • If you want to give feedback or recommendation to Facebook related to any of the policies then do it on the help center. The help center feature is available 24x7 on the Facebook setting section and cooperates with the users.

With the help of the following tips, you can easily make reporting a problem with Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Facebook live chat? 

If you are stuck in any kind of problem-related to Facebook, then you can contact the support team f the Facebook. Although there is no direct way of contacting the support team, you can report the problem and follow up on the screen.

How does Facebook live chat works? 

As of now, there is no live chat service on Facebook. For any doubt or problem, you can report the issue. But if you need any professional assistance then you can open the help center page of Facebook and report your issues there.

How to report a problem related to the Facebook account?

To report any illicit act or any bug in your account, go to the settings option and open the help center option. Here you can select the type of doubt you have and follow the online instructions to select the type of problem you are facing from the FAQ section. If you face any kind of harassment, you can also report it.

How to contact Facebook if the account is locked?

If your account is being locked then the first thing you can do is to recover the lost password with the help account recovery steps.I

Is there any 24x7 Facebook customer service? 

There is no Facebook contact number through which you can call the support team 24x7.

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Kevin Haage
My Facebook account has been hacked and now I can't get into my account the people that have hacked me have been contacting my Facebook friends trying to do a scam can you please help me get my account back
James W Rosbrugh
In March, my account was hacked and misused. I was "banned" from Facebook. I have done all I can to clear my name and return. In attempting to establish a "new" account, as soon as I get to my name and/or phone number, I am asked to submit a "proof if identity" to include photo and SSAN. Why?
Mary McAdams
I was hacked about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I created a new page on Facebook was able to connect to friends to explain what had happened. By the end of that day, my account was and still remains in review status. I am wondering how long this will take. I am able to get notification when friends post.
Tonya Strawder
Please unlock my facebook account please
Chelsea Nehring
My facebook got hackrd need help getting it back email was changed too so cant get into at all and its now disabled
Dragan Jankoski
I register new page for small online shop Одличен избор. New mail for this acount was izbor@mail.com But this new page in on my personal facebook page Dragan Jankoski. Can you help me how to solve this problem. I don't like my page for company to be together on my personal facebook page. Thanks
David Stroup
I need help to go on my old facebook account because it is connected to a gmail account and icloud email and it won't let me get into it

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