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Why Is My Windows 11 Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

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Microsoft is one of the multinational corporations and technology companies that has provided the best software over the years and gained popularity for the way they function. One such facility is Windows 11, which provides several services that enhance your experience with computers. Microsoft keeps updating its services and adding more facilities to it or repairing the previous ones to improve and improve your experience. However, there could be some issues with your Windows 11, such as wifi not working on Windows 11, and to make this work first, you should know why these inconveniences are happening; once you know the causes of the problems, resolving them becomes a lot easier. 
We have mentioned the reason why your WIFI is not working or connecting to Windows 11:

  • You might have to make changes to your network setting that are restricting Windows 11 from connecting to your WiFi. 
  • Your Wi-Fi network is located a far distance from Windows 11, which is stopping it from connecting to Wi-Fi. 
  • Maybe your WIFI is not working well, so ensure it has no issues. 
  • Your WIFI might have been turned off. 
  • If your device was previously connected to a different WIFI network for a longer time, you might have to undo that by forgetting the network and then connecting it to the new one. 

How do I get Wi-Fi to work on Windows 11?

If your WIFI keeps creating problems and enabling you to connect to your Windows 11, then you can fix it by following a process mentioned below. If it still causes troubles, then the problem might be something else, and you have to check that your WIFI is working correctly: 

  • Navigate your Windows 11 and select the network icon given at the bottom right. 
  • Click on the Settings option, and the WIFI details will appear. 
  • On the page, all the active networks list will be given. 
  • You need to click on the network you want to connect with. 
  • If it has a password, you must enter it before connecting. 
  • Otherwise, it will instantly be connected to your desired network. 

How to Reset Your Wi-Fi on Windows 11?

The network on your Windows 11 can be reset as it can resolve each problem you have with the WIFI network: 

Search the Network in the search bar. 

  • The Network settings will be open, and you must click reset the WIFI. 
  • Then, you can make the changes you want and confirm it. 
  • The changes will be made, or the network will be reset. 

How Can I Improve my Wi-Fi on Windows 11?

To improve your WIFI on Windows 11, you must take steps to improve the experience and make things faster for yourself. We have mentioned some things you can do to improve your WIFI on Windows 11:

  • Make sure your WIFI is placed where the networks are correctly working. 
  • Your device is connected to the right network. 
  • Try the Network Troubleshooter, as it can resolve the issue. 

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