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What is Windows Photo Viewer?

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Windows Photo Viewer is an image viewer application pre-installed on your Windows. The team has developed it to view photographs in JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats. You can view the images in a slide-show mode; you can adjust the brightness, contrast and other image processing options. In addition, you will also get advanced options such as essential editing tools such as cropping and rotating, and you can share the images via email, Facebook, and other social media panels. 

Why isn't Windows Photo Viewer working?

You have encountered a technical problem in which the Windows photo viewer is not working so the problem lies in insufficient memory, which causes the Windows photo viewer to fail to display the images because the memory has been packed. There is no sufficient space to support all those photos. 

  • The problem or technical issue occurs when the pictures are transferred from the mobile version and downloaded on the computer. You can free up the hard drive space. 
  • The other reason can be that your Windows photo viewer needs to be updated, and sometimes, the photos cannot be opened. Then, the software is incompatible with Windows seven, so you can get the latest version and install it on your computer. 
  • Photos from the phone may be different, which may not support Windows. Then, you can change the version to go through the phone pictures. 

How To Fix Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture?

There are several ways to fix the Windows photo viewer that fails to open this picture. Below, you can update the photo viewer.

  • You can open photos in different applications and convert images to different formats.
  • You can repair the image with the photo backup site 
  • and turn off encryption in the image file. 

Steps to update Windows Photo Viewer 

  • Go to the computer's start button, select the settings option, and click on it.
  • Now tap on the update and security options. 
  • At last, select the Windows update.
  • Then, select the Check for Updates tab and click Install Updates in the box next to the photo viewers.
  • You can restart the computer once the software gets updated. 

How do I reset the Windows photo viewer?

  • Using the power button, you can open the settings app at the start menu. 
  • Then click on the default apps listed in the options at the left corner. Inside the file, 
  • You select Windows Photo Viewer by clicking on it two times as your default photo app. 
  • You can get the registry file by double-clicking it to run it. ( you will prompted with a dialog box that asks you to press yes, then a dialog box will appear, then click on ok ).
  • You can adjust the tweak settings and choose any other application.
  • Now select the Windows photo viewer app choice, set the file type to default, and click confirm. 

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