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Hotmail Live Person: Speak to Someone About Hotmail Issue

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Hotmail is the email that is used to not only send, receive, or create emails but also can be used to manage other functions. Users are fond of this email because of its services and functions and at the same time, Hotmail is also the email that has offered active customer support to users. The officials at Hotmail understand that users might need the assistance and hence may want to contact customer support. 

So, they have introduced dedicated and separate customer support to help passengers. The platforms are such that assistance is given on the spot with the help of live and trained experts. And if you want to know how to speak to someone about my Hotmail account then you can use any of the below-mentioned platforms. 

How to speak to someone about a Hotmail account?

Dial 1-800-642-7676(USA/Canada toll-free) best Hotmail phone number, wait for the automated voice prompt. Now Speak "Hotmail support" and Say "Yes" and talk to someone live at Hotmail.

List of Platforms offering Hotmail Customer Support

Hotmail Phone Support: This is the toll-free number that is 24/7 active and can be contacted using the phone you have. 

Hotmail Chat Support: This is another platform that is used to resolve your issue on the spot and is available on the Hotmail website. 

Hotmail Social Platform: Another way to get assistance and help passengers on the spot. 

A user is free to use any convenient platform to get assistance. To know how to reach Hotmail customer service live person you can follow the steps below. 

Ways to Contact Hotmail Customer Service

  1. Take your phone and call on the toll-free number that is stated on the website. 

  2. And when you get the response from the opposite end you can explain your issue for which you have contacted. 

  3. You will be asked to wait for a few minutes and then be provided with the best possible resolution. 

  4. Try the same and then share the feedback. 

So, with the help of the above information, you can easily contact the customer support of Hotmail. 

Does Microsoft (Hotmail) offer free support?

If you are looking for help related to Hotmail then find a relevant Hotmail customer service phone number and speak to someone about Hotmail.

  • For the United States region dial +1 (800) 642 76767/ +1 (800) 892 5234(TTY) and speak to the Hotmail customer service team.
  • Dial +44 (0)344 800 2400 if you are from the United Kingdom region and talk to representatives in English.
  • For Canada region dial 877 568 2495 / 905 568 0434 / 800 892 5234 (TTY) and get assistance.
  • For more contact info visit Hotmail(Mircosoft) Global customer service phone numbers page and find a relevant phone number.

How much does Microsoft (Hotmail) tech support cost?

Microsoft delivers the best customer support to its users at the time of need. Microsoft tech support cost depends on the type of problem, service you are taking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ring Hotmail?

Yes, customers can dial the direct helpline contact number to lodge an official complaint/grievances about their Hotmail email services. The live experts at Hotmail can assist them with their account recovery, password reset, email issues, account settings, etc.

How can I contact MSN Hotmail by Phone?

Customers can dial the Hotmail Contact number and get in touch with the live person. The direct helpline number can help them to discuss their Hotmail issues thoroughly with the tech experts. Besides, the live experts are 24*7 available and can assist them with the best solutions & guidance.

Are Outlook and Hotmail the Same?

Hotmail services have been upgraded and re-branded as Outlook since late 90s by Microsoft. Besides, Hotmail services were just limited to email services but Outlook is quite better than just being a web client. In fact, Outlook accounts can be used for synchronizing with various other Microsoft services & products.

Moreover, Outlook accounts have a better and easy user interface and plenty of additional features that can enhance the user’s productivity. In a nutshell, both Hotmail and Outlook are the same things but Outlook comes with better services and features.

Why does Hotmail not work?

There can be many potential reasons that can cause a user’s Hotmail account not working issue. However, many of them are simply resolvable on their own, but some may need professional assistance to troubleshoot them. The following are the most common reasons that may result in your Hotmail account being unable to work properly.

  • Server Outage
  • Network connectivity problems
  • Compatibility issues with the web browser, system or device.
  • Hacking issues
  • Due to incorrect username/password
  • Web browser/Hotmail app cache and cookies
  • Improper configuration

Furthermore, users can dial the Hotmail Contact number for any assistance in troubleshooting their account’s issues.

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Want to talk to the Hotmail customer service executive, unable to reach you out. Need help with my email account.
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Before 15 years I signed up in hotmail with the acoount Before two years my mail was locked without reason. I tried to unlock my account but i dont remember the answers or the questions that i had choose 15 years ago.
Gergana Toncheva
My hotmail account was hacked and my contacts receive a message from me that I am in trouble and I need money
Brianna Deaton
I’ve got a new phone and also a new number. I can’t remember my passcode


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