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How Do I Delete My Google Account Permanently

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Check out the Quick Procedure to Permanently Delete Google Account 

In the last few decades, Google has provided its users with some of the exceptional services. From Gmail to Google Maps and YouTube, Google has offered its users with multiple services and products that one can easily access using a single account. All in all, Google offers its users with exceptional services to make their regular tasks simpler and easier. 

However, lately, many users have inquired on how to delete Google account permanently. Well, the procedure for Google account deletion is quite simple. So, for the users who are not aware of the process, they can check out the instructions provided in this article and delete their account without any hassle. 

What does Deleting Google Account mean?

Deleting Google account means that the user will lose access to all data or content of the account like Emails, files, or the calendars or photos as well. Users won’t be able to use any Google services like Gmail, drive, or calendar.

What type of services you’ll lose after deleting a Google account?

  • Google account has its importance in giving efficient results with the featured services like Gmail, Hangout, Google+, and others. So if you dare to delete the Google account, you will lose access to all the data or content in the account like Emails, files.

  • After deleting Google account, you won’t be able to use the services like Gmail, Calendar, and play.

If you are using Android

 Android users will no longer be able to use any application or the services of any device.

Google play

  • After you delete the Google account, the user won’t get any notification of the application update.
  • Users may not able to use the services of music, movies, books, or magazines that you purchased.


  • User will lose all their stored contact details in the Google account.

If you are using Chrome Book

Once you delete the Google account, you won’t be able to use chrome extension, both free and paid.

Apart from that, you can even use-

  • Allows you to use chrome book temporarily.

  • Use Google account with the help of credentials that have not been deleted.

Before Deleting Google account, review and Download your info

These are the simple points that is required to use delete Google account from android   

  • Go to the Google Dashboard to review the info of your account, and download the Google data to keep your file safe on Google server end.

  • If you are using Gmail address for the purpose of online banking, social media, or the apps, then add a new email address for using these types of services.

  • User must update their account info later If you try to recover the Google account.

Delete Your Google Account Permanently

To delete Google account permanently, the user is required to visit the official login page of Google and sign-in to their account. Once signed-in, the user can follow the instructions provided below to delete the Google account. 

  • The user initially needs to look for the My Account settings option and click on it. 

  • Now, the user is required to click on Account preferences and scroll to find the delete account and services option. 

  • Further, the user needs to click on the Delete Google account and data option. 

  • Then, the user is required to provide the password for the account.

  • After that, the user will be provided with the information about the data that will be deleted with the account. 

  • The user can download the data dump, if required, and proceed with the process. 

  • And then, the user needs to check the box provided at the bottom of the page to delete Google data permanently. 

  • Once done, the user can click on the Delete account option and complete the process. 

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