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Why is My Email Not Working? Here's How To Fix

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Resolved: Effective Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve SbcGlobal Email Issue

Indeed, the services offered by AT&T email are finest, but there are a few users who might fail to access the email services and miss out on some of their important tasks. Luckily, users can overcome these problems by trying out some troubleshooting solutions. So, for the users who are looking for solutions to resolve AT&T email issues, they can check out the solutions mentioned below. 

Resolving common issues related to AT&T email

For the users who are encountering att email not working problems, multiple reasons can lead to this problem. So, keeping the common factors behind this issue in mind, here are the solutions to the common issues that can lead to this problem. 

a) AT&T mail and connectivity issues

1. Email issues with AT&T

For the users who are encountering att email not working issues because of the mail settings, they can check out some of the effective tips to fix this problem. 

  • For the users who have facing issues while sending an email, it is recommended that they check the maximum limit of the email and recipients list. 
  • Further, the user can even sign out and sign-in accounts. 
  • Check for the email filters or blocked id lists to resolve unable to receive emails. 
  • Confirm the AT&T email is not hacked as it also is one of the main reasons for not working. 
  • Lastly, one can check for the missing emails in the spam folder.

2. Connectivity issues with the browser

  • For resolving connectivity issues with the browser, the user can try to open the AT&T email in a different browser and verify the problems. 
  • Also, the user needs to confirm that their browser accepts the cookies.
  • Remove the additional tools or add-ons added to the browser.
  • Check the firewall settings and enable the Javascript. 
  • Update and enable the Adobe Flash player. 

b) Issues with email apps and programs

For the users who are facing att email not working issue while accessing apps and programs, one can follow these tips:

  • Initially, check the internet connectivity of the device. 
  • Further, check for emails in the Outbox and remove the same, if any. 
  • Look for the common error codes and resolve the same in time. 
  • Also, the user needs to ensure that they have enabled the correct mail client settings. 

c) Sign-in problems with AT&T email

To resolve the sign-in problem error, one can try out the listed solutions to restore access to their email account. 

  • If the password fails to work on a smartphone, it is suggested that the user update the same on all devices to access uninterrupted email services. 
  • Besides, the users can try to resolve this problem by resetting the account password or wait until the account is unlocked. 
  • The sign-in issue can also arise when the account is not active. So, it is suggested that one reactivate their account. 

Fix the Issue of Sbcglobal Email Not Working on Different Devices

Sbcglobal presently known as AT&T is a popular email and Internet service company from the USA. It offers web-based email services to clients from all over the world. Sbcglobal email is user-friendly and comes with lots of unique email features. Customers can also set up and use Sbcglobal email service with third-party email clients.  It is a preferred choice for email communication to both individuals and business organizations.

Though Sbcglobal email is a great email application and offers great features and value to its customers, users may face some issues with the email. There are many users who are facing Sbcglobal not working properly. This can happen due to various reasons like improper account settings, server issues etc. There are some common troubleshoots we can use to fix Sbcglobal not working.  If the problem still persists then one must take support from technical experts.

Troubleshoot Email Not Working

It can be troublesome if your email not working properly. It can impact the work and business if you always face issue. However, we can implement certain quick-fix solutions to resolve the issue. Here are the troubleshoots one may apply

  • Open your email account and check if the account validity. If not you need to renew the email account
  • Check your Internet and Wi-Fi connecting if it is working or not. You may face an email issue if the Internet is slow or interrupted
  • If you are using Sbcglobal email with third-party email clients, check the SMTP/POP3 settings
  • The email issue may happen due to browser settings, so you can try to delete cookies and history or try using another browser to open Sbcglobal email
  • Make sure your device is supporting the Sbcglobal email application
  • If you are facing issue with the opening of Sbcglobal account, you can recover your password and try to open an account
  • You can also check the Incoming and Outgoing mail server settings are correct or not.

How do I Fix Sbcglobal Not Working on iPhone Issue

There are many users, who prefer to use Sbcglobal email on their iPhone. This may simply happen due to poor Internet connection. So, first, you must check if your Internet is working fine. If the Internet is working fine then try the below solutions to fix the problem

  • Switch off your iPhone and restart it, then try to use Sbcglobal email
  • Check your POP3/IMAP server settings are correct
  • Remove the Sbcglobal email and then again setup

If still the problem occurs, then you must consult with any technical experts.

Resolve Email Not Working on Android Issue

Similar to the iPhone, the user may have an issue of not working on Android. If you are using an Android phone and having a similar problem, you can try the troubleshoots as discussed above. There is a good chance of resolving the issue with these quick fixes. In case the problem does not resolve with these steps, it is better to take support from any technical experts.

Get Solution For Sbcglobal Not Working on Mac Issue

Sbcglobal email account is fully compatible with most of the devices and people can use this service on their Mac systems. So how to deal with this issue? Common solutions are exactly the same, as we have discussed above. In the case of Mac systems, the process of implementing the troubleshoots may be different but we must try these troubleshoots before going to an expert. If the above steps do not resolve the problem on Mac, you can take support from the professional Sbcglobal email technical support team.

Sbcglobal Account Not Working: Fix Login Issue

If the Sbcglobal account not working at all, then there is a chance that the account is suspended. This may happen due to the non-payment of a bill or going against any terms and conditions. In this case, customers must talk with the Sbcglobal customer support team. They can help you to get a solution for Sbcglobal account not working.

Sometimes users face the issue of Sbcglobal login not working and they are not able to login to the email account. This may happen if you are using the wrong username or password.

If you forgot your password or user id, you can easily recover it from the sign-in page and then retry to log in to your account. If the Sbcglobal login not working still exists, then talk with the customer support team to resolve the issue

How can one check their AT&T mail?

After resolving the att email not working issue, the users who are looking for information on how they can check their email, here are the steps that one can follow.

On the web:

  • To begin the process visit and click on the Mail option. 
  • Provide the email address and password and click on the sign-in button. 

Using apps: 

  • The users who have set up the AT&T email on the client-server or have downloaded the app for the same can simply provide their email id and password to access the email services. 

Get Connected with Sbcglobal Customer Service

In the case of Sbcglobal email not working, you can take expert support by contacting the Sbcglobal customer service. It is a third party customer support offers service remotely over the phone. You can talk with email experts by dialing the Sbcglobal customer service anytime and from anywhere. The support team will help you instantly and give you an affordable solution for any Sbcglobal email issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to recover an SBCGlobal account? 

For recovering the SBCGlobal account the user is required to follow the provided steps:

  • Visit the official recovery page of AT&T and select the password recovery option.
  • Further, verify the account by providing answers to the security questions and reset the account password. 

2. Why can’t I access my SBCGlobal account? 

For the users who are failing to access their SBCGlobal account, there are chances that they might be facing some connectivity issues or there are some issues with the email settings. 

3. What is the email server for SBCGlobal mail?

The mail server for SBCGlobal mail is with port 465 authenticated by username and password with SSL enabled. 

4. What are the server settings for email?

The server settings for the email are as follows:

Incoming server:


Port: 993

Security type: SSL/TLS along with username and password.

Outgoing server:


Port: 465

Security type: SSL/TLS with the username and password. 

5. Can one keep their SBCGlobal account if they cancel their AT&T services? 

For the users who are wondering whether they can keep their SBCGlobal email account after cancelling AT&T services, the answer is yes. When the user cancels the AT&T services, they can access their SBCGlobal account if the account is in good condition. However, if the AT&T account has a credit balance, then the user might lose access to the email account until the issue is resolved.

Further, for assistance on the same, the user can contact AT&T support to resolve the issues linked to the account and access email services without any interruption. 

6. Does the SBCGlobal email still work?

Currently, SBCGlobal still works as a subsidiary of AT&T, but the email service has been rebranded under the AT&T and migrated to AT&T Yahoo service. However, there are still many customers who continue to make use of the SBCGlobal mail id and are offered supported service. 

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