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How to Fix a Suspended Gmail(Google) Account

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A detailed guide on how one can restore access to a suspended Gmail account

Is your Gmail account suspended, and you have no clue about the procedure to restore access to the account? Well, then in this article, you will be offered the complete details to restore access to the account. Besides, if required, the user can even seek assistance from the support to restore access to their account. 

Why is my Gmail account suspended? 

For the users who are wondering why their Gmail account suspended, there are chances that they might be violating the email policies. Luckily, the users can restore access to the Gmail account using the Google Admin console. Moreover, with a suspended Gmail account the user might fail to send and receive an email, but they can use other Google services. 

Procedure to restore access to suspended Google account 

For the users who are looking for the details on how to restore access to the suspended Gmail account, they can follow the listed instructions. 

  • Begin the recovery process by signing to the Google Admin console page

  • From the console page, the user needs to visit the Users page. 

  • Now, from the user's list, the user is required to pick the one that needs to be restored. 

  • Further, the user needs to click on the particular user and to open the account page. 

  • Then, on the top-right corner, the user is required to click on the reactivate option and confirm the same. 

  • If the option is not available, then the user is required to wait for 24 hours for limits to reset automatically. 

Thus, with the completion of these steps to restore the Gmail account suspended, the user can perform their regular activities using the email account. However, for any reason, if the user fails to restore the account, then they can check out the possible reasons mentioned below. 

Why is the user failing to restore a suspended Gmail account?

  • The Gmail account was suspended five times earlier in the same year. 

  • The account of the user was automatically suspended by Google because of abuse.

  • The user was using the legacy free version of G Suite. 

Limitation on restoring suspended Gmail account 

As per the Google mail policy, the user can restore the Gmail account five times in a year. If the account gets suspended frequently, then no one can reset the Google support. One needs to wait for at least 24 hours to reactivate the account.