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Hotmail Not Working: Fix Hotmail Not Responding Issue

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Hotmail Not Working: What to do if Hotmail is Not Working?

It is a common issue for smartphone users to face Hotmail issues. If the setup of Hotmail has just completed on the smartphone but the app is not working fine, it could be due to many reasons. But none of them is such which cannot be resolved.

Common Issues of Hotmail

Here are some of the common issues faced by a Hotmail user, as listed below:

  • Unable to sync Hotmail on the mail app

  • Unable to see messages

  • Unable to log in to the Hotmail account, etc.

Hotmail Not Working on iPhone: Get Fixes for Hotmail issues in iPhone

When a user is facing the issue of Hotmail not working on iPhone, below mentioned fixes might work to resolve it:

  • Check the email address and password.

  • Check the option of fetch new data settings.

  • Check mail days for sync settings.

  • By rebooting the iPhone device.

  • If nothing works, remove the account and re-add it.

Hotmail No Working on Android: Get Fixes for Hotmail Issues in Android

For android devices, Hotmail issues can be resolved by following below mentioned fixes:

  • The Android device should have proper connectivity.

  • Ensure that the IMAP or POP settings are correct.

  • Make sure that the device has enough storage to send or receive emails in Hotmail.

  • Check if any antivirus is causing the issue.

  • If the app is not working, try using it on a compatible browser.

  • In case of forgotten password, recover the Hotmail account.

If there are still any queries about Hotmail not working issues, technical support of Hotmail can be contacted. The details of contact to reach the support team can be found on the official website of Hotmail.