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PS4 Youtube Error NP 37602-8: Here's Is How To Fix It

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The Process to Fix PS4 Youtube Error NP 37602 8

Youtube is a digital platform that is used by everyone for watching videos and uploading videos. Apart from watching videos just on Youtube, you can also connect your Ps4 to Youtube and watching videos on your Ps4. But a lot of times Youtube faces some technical errors in the account on Ps4. And Error Np-37602-8 is one of the most common error codes. 

What is PS4 Youtube Error NP-37602-8?

The reason behind ps4 youtube error np 37602 8 is the issue related to the account. This error code is likely to arise when the user tries to log in to the account. This type of error code can be a little annoying because if you face issue while logging in the Youtube account, you can stream in the videos on any device. 

Steps to Fix the Issue of PS4 Youtube Error NP 37602 8

1. This type of Youtube error mostly arises when the user tries to upload any video on youtube through the Ps4 device. As of now, there are no such fixed troubleshooting methods to overcome this error. But if you urgently need to upload any video then you can use any other device. 

2. Another way to resolve this error is to scroll up to the left side menu on the Ps4 app to the settings section. Now below Link Tv and phone option, choose Wi-Fi or Tv code option. 

3. On the youtube app, click on the cast icon. Now select the Ps4 device and it will link up automatically. If not then choose Tv code. 

And with these steps, the issue of ps4 youtube error np 37602 8 will be resolved. For more, contact the customer care team of Youtube or PS4.