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[Solved]Windows 10 Spinning Dots Black Screen Error: Fix Now

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Know How to Resolve Black Screen Spinning Dots Issue 

Have you restarted your device and noticed a small circle of dots spinning on your screen that is either in black or other colors? Then, you need to worry about this issue as it often happens when the updates are finalized. 

However, if the dots remain on the screen for a long time even after an update then, there are chances there is some issue with the graphic cards or drivers installed on your device. So, to resolve this issue, it is recommended to try out these troubleshoot solutions for Windows 10 Spinning Dots Black Screen Error. 

Troubleshooting Solutions to Resolve Spinning Dots Issue

1. Restart the Device

  • If the user doesn’t notice any indicator light, this means there is no hardware activity. Hence, it is suggested to restart the device. 

2. Remove Unnecessary USB Attachments

  • There are chances that external USB attachments might lead to screen problems. 

  • Hence, it is suggested to the users to remove all the USB equipment attached to the device and hold on to the Power button for 10 seconds. 

  • Then, the user can release the power button and restart the device. 

3. Fix Windows Update Error

Another way to resolve this issue is by looking at the Windows 10 black screen error and update errors section and fixing them. 

In case, if the user fails to resolve this issue, they can contact the support to seek required help.