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How To Transfer Photos Videos Contacts From iPhone To PC

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Learn the process to transfer your iPhone photos to PC

Do you wish to transfer the photos from your iPhone to PC? Well, the moving of photos from the iPhone to PC is not very difficult, as you can perform this task easily by connecting both the devices using a USB cable. Once your iPhone and PC are connected a pop-up message will appear on the screen, next you just have to follow the instructions properly. Moreover, if you are looking forward to certainly learn about how to import photos from iPhone to PC, kindly follow the steps instructed below:

  • First of all, find a USB cable and then connect your iPhone to the computer using it

  • Next, the photos app will appear one the PC screen automatically as soon as it is connected to the iPhone

  • If not then you can launch the photos app by going to the Start menu on your PC

  • Now, tap on import icon which is available at the upper right side of the Photos App

  • Then a pop-up box showing the new photos from your iPhone will appear

  • Next, you have to select those photos that you want to transfer to PC and press continue

  • Then the pop-up box asking for the location to save photos will appear

  • At last, tap on the import button after selecting a particular location in your PC to save them

Now that you have learned, how to import photos from iPhone to PC, hopefully, you will be able to successfully perform the whole procedure. In case you face some trouble while transferring the photos from your iPhone to PC, then you can get technical assistance for performing the task more accurately.  

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