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It is very difficult to think about communication without email in today’s world. An email has revolutionized the way communication be it business communication or personal. Email is a user-friendly, cost-effective, and fast way of communication, so every one of us highly dependent on it for our day-to-day communication.  So we need to make sure that our email service is always intact and run properly.

Most of us face email issues due to external reasons like spam, virus, etc. or due miss handle by users. Some of the most common issues in the email are

  • The issue in setting up a new email account

  • Sending & receiving email issues

  • Spam and unwanted email issues

  • SMTP and server error

  • Email sign-in or accessibility issues

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Find Common Email Issues and Know How To Resolve Them

Problem 1: Unable to send an Email? Check These 5 things Right Now

Sometimes you are trying to send emails but not able to do so. You need to send emails to complete regular communications. But for some reason, you cannot do so. If this is the case you need to check these 5 things right now.

  1. Are you using a bad password?

  2. Is there a network connection error?

  3. Is there ISP blocks & email ports?

  4. Check SMTP authentication settings.

  5. Check SSL connection settings.

You need to check these 5 things which may be causing you an issue that you are unable to send email.

Problem 2: Bad Passwords Issue

Bad password is quite a common reason and often overlooked by users. You need to check whether you are entering the correct password or not. You need to check for spaces, upper case, and lower case, and so on. If you entered the wrong password you will not be able to log in and so you cannot send an email. If you are copying and pasting the password, do check for space as sometimes copying takes extra space.

Problem 3: Network Connection Error

Sometimes, your mail server crash. This may not happen often but it may happen on WHM/cPanel and Plesk servers.  You can simply restart the service from the control panel to fix the issue. Your email client should return a connection error. There could be a general network issue and you may look to just try again in a few minutes.  If the issue persists, you may be facing a DNS issue.  If DNS is not working, you cannot resolve the domain name.   Of course, it could be something simple for example an incorrectly spelled domain name.

Problem 4: ISP Blocking Ports 25

This is a common issue when many ISP force you to use their own SMTP server even if you have your own SMTP server. You should test if port 25 is blocked and if you find so one way to solve this issue is to use port 587. Many ISP don’t block port 587. If this also does not work then you should dial your network provider.

Problem 5: SMTP Authentication Error in an Email

Most of the SMTP server needs a valid username and password to log in and then you can send emails. In the case of SMTP authentication settings being incorrect, you cannot send emails. If you get a relay denied error and your password is correct, then it may be the case of SMTP authentications being incorrect. If your password fails after resetting, you need to ensure you are using a valid authentication method.  Most of the email clients support a variety of authentication methods like Normal or Plain Password, Encrypted Password and Kerberos.

Problem 6: SSL Connection Setting

SSL connection setting is another reason why you are not able to send emails. For security reasons, many email service providers need you to connect to SMTP over a secured connection. SMTP uses SSL to secure the network connection between your server and email client. To make this setting, some servers may ask you to connect on port 465 instead of port 25.  Port 465 is reserved for SMTP connections over SSL.  If you see that port 25 and port 465 fail, you can try port 587 which is the mail submission port.  

How to talk to an Email Tech support Specialist?

For many people talking to the technical support person can be very scary but calling or chatting with technical support does not have to always ruin your day. But there are many ways through which you can talk to the tech support without any hassle. Follow the below steps and speak to the support specialist in a simple and easy way.

Follow the below tips and tricks and talk to Email tech support specialist to solve your problem

  • Be prepared before phone call- It is always good to make clear points and ensure you explain all your points in very clearly and efficiently to an Email support specialist. Also, tell what exact error is displaying and when did the problem start happening.

  • Communicate clearly- technical support is all about the communication. The entire reason for you to make a call is to communicate the problem and get an efficient solution. Also, make sure you are calling from a quiet area where there is silence and talk slowly.

  • Be thorough and specific- you may be aware of the technical glitch in your computer but the technical person does not know s try to provide as many details as you can. Be specific of all the information and details in order to get proper solution to your problem efficiently.

  • Repeat the details- the other way to avoid the confusion is by communicating and repeating what the other person is trying to convey. Do all the steps carefully what the technical support person ask you do perform and after completing the step do inform the representative the task has been completed.

  • Get ticket number- always ask to generate the ticket number in order to track the issue that is received from the customers and users so that when you call the next time the representative with the help of ticket number could know what is the issue that you were facing.

These were the steps through which user can easily talk to the representative, in any more confusion is there regarding anything then contact the email technical support in order to get the issue to solve. They will help you to get the issue solved easily

What is Required to write a good email to Technical Support?

Technical support is required whenever you are using faulty product or service issues. To contact the technical support of a service provider, you can use the various options among calling the support, writing an email or using live chat support. In case you are writing an email to the support team and expecting assistance, you need to include all the important points. For details on writing an email to the technical team, refer to this article.

Tips to Write a Good email to Support

While writing an email to the technical support team, you need to keep a few things in your mind, as mentioned below:

  • Initially, address the technical support team. If you are contacting a particular executive, address them by their name or designation.

  • In the subject section, mention the issue clearly.

  • While composing the email, you must include all the necessary details for the issue.

  • Try to keep it short and clear.

  • Attach documents for proof or reference, if required.

  • Before closing, you must mention that the response is awaited or expected.

  • Finally, you need to thank them for the services and mention your name.

With all this info, you will be able to compose a good email for the technical support team.

To find the details of contact to reach the support executives, you can use the internet or service provider's website and get the info about email technical support. The service is available 24x7 and you just need to use the contact info to reach them and ask for assistance. It is your choice to get online or offline technical support.

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