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Fix Norton Identity Safe Login Problems: Quick Tricks

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Fix Norton Identity Safe Login Problems Easily

With Norton, you can fix Norton identity safe login problems and the solution depends on what is the problem. Let us see the problem and its solution:

1. You are repeatedly prompted to enter the credentials

The solution lies in following steps:

a. First, restart your computer.

b. Then sign out and then sign in to Norton identity safe. For this follow below steps:

  • Start your Norton product in the first step.
  • Now click on User Name on the top right corner of the screen. You can see the user name only if you have signed in with your Norton account credentials.
  • Now click Ok in the sign out the dialog box.
  • Then click on Identity Safe in the Norton main window on the identity tab.
  • Then click Sign in in the Get started window.
  • Now type your credential details in sign-in the window and then click sign in.
  • Then type your Norton identity safe vault password and then click Open.

2. When you sign in you see an incorrect password error.

To solve this follow below steps:

a. First sign in to your Norton account from Norton identity safe toolbar. To do this follow the below steps:

  • If you see in your web browser that Norton identity safe toolbar display vault is closed then you can click Vault is closed.
  • Enter your email address here and then click Next.
  • Now enter your Norton account password, and then click Sign In. In case you forgot your Norton account password, then you can click Forgot Password and then follow the on-screen instructions so that you can recover your lost password.
  • Next, as you log on to your Norton account, you are prompted for your Identity Safe Vault password.

b. In the next step you need to sign in to your Norton identity safe vault for which you can follow below steps:

  • Enter your identity safe vault password and if forgot then click on Show password hint.
  • If a password hint is no help for you then you need to delete the identity safe online vault.
  • To delete your identity safe vault you can enter a wrong password 3 times and after that select click here.
  • Now click Yes, Delete my vault.
  • Then enter your Norton account password and then click on Delete my vault.
  • When you see confirmation dialog box next you need to click Yes so that the vault is permanently deleted.

3. You cannot find Norton identity safe toolbar on the browser that you are using

this situation when you cannot see Norton identity safe toolbar on your browser then you need to recover it. For this you can follow the below steps:

a. You need to update the latest version of Norton.

b. Then run live update.

c. After that, you can enable Norton toolbar in your web browser.

Thus you can see that in different kinds of identity safe login problems you can solve the problem by fixing that particular issue. You may also see operation timed out error when you sign in and you may not be able to login to Norton safe identity safe extension and you can fix these issues separately.

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