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iPhone Error 1035 Solution- Top 4 Ways To Fix It

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Check Out the Steps to Fix Apple iPhone Error 1035

Most of the iPhone users experience iPhone error 1035 during the update or setting up voicemail on the device. Due to this error, a user is unable to use the voicemail on an iPhone. The iPhone error 1035 is related to mobile network i.e. if the mobile network is not proper, voicemail will also not work.

Fixes for iPhone Error 1035

In order to get rid of the issue, a user can try out some solutions that help in resolving the issue. Below mentioned are some of the fixes:

  • Setup iPhone’s Voicemail

  1. Initially, the user is required to turn down the Wi-Fi that can be done either by tapping the icon or through Settings and then turned off by sliding the bar.

  2. Then, the phone dialer icon is tapped and the user needs to hold the 1 key. Then passcode is entered to access the voicemail. The * key is then tapped and the user enters the main menu. The next step is to tap 3 to access the Greeting menu.

  3. Further, the user has required to Setup the voicemail greeting and the password also. The iPhone is then restarted. In most of the cases, the issue gets resolved here.

  • Reset Network Settings

  1. For resetting the network issues, the user is required to browse the settings app, then General and finally Reset is tapped. Then, Reset network settings option.

  2. The user is asked to enter the passcode and the Reset network setting is then tapped.

  3. The iPhone will automatically get reset and error 1035 will get resolved.

  4. The user can try accessing the voicemail, it might be working properly.

  • Airplane Mode

  1. The user needs to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get the control center and Airplane mode is turned ON. After at least 25 seconds, it is turned OFF.

  2. By opening the voicemail, the working can be checked.

  • Change Wi-Fi to Cellular Data

  1. Initially, the Wi-Fi is turned OFF if it is ON.

  2. Then, the user is required to open Settings and then Cellular.

  3. The cellular option is then toggled to ON.

  4. The issue might get resolved by this fix.

For any help, the technical support of Apple can be contacted. The technical person will help the user with the best possible assistance. The support team can be contacted at any time of the day as service is available 24x7. They can be reached using the contact info provided on the official website of Apple.

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