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Yahoo Account Recovery Without Phone Number & Email- How To Help

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How Can a User Recover the Password of Yahoo without the Phone Number or Email Address?

With the increasing number of email providers, it is quite difficult to remember the passwords. Thinking of what can be done if you have forgotten the password of yahoo account and you do not have access to the email address or phone number? So, in this article, we are here with some tips on the recovery of the yahoo account.

The Recovery Process of the Yahoo Account:

The process of Yahoo account recovery can be done in two situations: one if you forget the password or your account is hacked. The recovery process of Yahoo starts with:

  • Visit the sign-in page of Yahoo and choose the option of “I don’t remember my password”.
  • On the next page that will appear, you will be asked to enter the Yahoo account mail ID.
  • Once you will enter your mail ID, you will see three password recovery options on the next page: Recovery using a phone number, Recovery using email ID, Recovery using secret questions.
  • As you do not have access to the email or phone number, you can recover your account by answering the security questions that you chose at the time of account creation. Answering the security questions correctly will allow you to set a new password.
  • You have to enter your new password twice to confirm it and save the changes.

Steps to Add or Remove the Recovery Method of Yahoo Account

Don’t lose access to the Yahoo account by keeping the account linked with a valid mobile number or email address. If the password is ever lost, this info can be used for the recovery of the account. Yahoo allows its users to add or replace a maximum of 10 email addresses. The recovery info can be edited easily, whenever required.

Edit Yahoo Account Recovery Info on Mobile

The steps involved are as follows:

  • Tap Settings icon

  • Then, tap Manage Accounts

  • Tap Account info

  • After that, tap Security settings

  • Further, tap email addresses or phone number

  • Then, tap the option of Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number.

  • Verify the on-screen prompts and then verify the new details.

Edit Yahoo Recovery Info on a Browser
  • Go to the recovery page of Yahoo.

  • Then, click email addresses or phone numbers.

  • Click the option of Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number.

  • Further, follow the on-screen prompts and complete the verification of new info.

Unlink Yahoo Recovery Info From an Unused Account

Before disconnecting the recovery info, a user needs to sign out of the account.

  • The first step is to go to the sign-in helper of Yahoo.

  • Enter the alternate email address or mobile number and click Continue.

  • Then, click the option of Yes, text me a verification code.

  • Yahoo will send a verification code.

  • Enter the code in the field provided.

  • Click Verify and then Continue.

  • Click the option of Remove it here at the bottom of list.

  • Select the account to be removed and finally click Remove this account.

To know more about the recovery options or Yahoo account recovery, contact the technical support. The contact info of the Yahoo technical team is provided on the official webpage.

How Do I Change or Reset Yahoo Password

Let’s Move beyond the email basics, make use of the scalable and quick solution to reach the recovery of the Yahoo account. Getting tiresome with the account recovery process?? Stop worrying and read carefully all the points to change or reset the password

Follow the Steps to Change Yahoo password

  • In the beginning of the process, go to the Yahoo Login page.

  • Now you will be asked to enter the email address and tap on the Next.

  • Now you have to tap on I forgot my password shown under the sign in button.

  • Pick the best verification method.

  • After the verification, you move to the security page.

  • Now you have to tap on change password on the right side of the page.

  • Enter the details of the new and the confirm password.

  • Tap continue.

Simple Steps to Reset Yahoo Password

  • At the beginning of the process, go to the sign-in helper page.

  • In the next move, enter the account recovery items listed. 

  • Tap on the continue button

  • Now follow the instruction as given in the sign-in helper page.

Consider and adhere to the above information to Yahoo password change. If required you can take assistance from the customer support team of yahoo to change the password in one go.

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